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Our goal is to foster an educational environment where students thrive in their pursuit of knowledge for the betterment of society and the world in which we live. The college offers a diverse array of courses, programs and extra curricular/co curricular opportunities. Our degree programs, minors, research, and service opportunities provide students with access to contemporary learning opportunities and mechanisms to create new knoweldge. Indeed, the pressing problems of the world today can only be solved with a broad educational background that includes study of the arts, humanities, and psychology. We are glad you have visited our website and hope you will take the opportunity to explore all our college has to offer.

In the News

437 Parent-Child Transmission of Stress

Research by Waters, Sara; Karnilowicz, Helena; West, Tessa; & Mendes, Wendy (2020) Written by Robin N. Fatovic B.S. Should parents suppress their emotions to protect their children from experiencing stress? To answer this question researchers studied 107 parent-child dyads. They exposed the parents to a stressor and told half to“show no emotions” and half to …

436 Predictions of Loneliness

Research by Barreto, Manuela; Victor, Christina; Hammond, Claudia; Eccles, Alice; Richins, Matt; & Qualter, Pamela (2020) Written by Robin N. Fatovic B.S. Which people are lonely? Do you have any assumptions about what age, cultural background, or gender they might be? United Kingdom psychology researchers surveyed personality characteristics and loneliness in 46,000participants of different ages …

More Than 1,200 Graduate at Florida Tech Virtual Spring Commencement

The ceremony featured Florida Tech President Dwayne McCay and Senior Vice President of Student Life and Alumni Affairs Bino Campanini.