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X-Culture Project

Participate in a hands-on international project

Studying international business in a classroom is like learning how to swim on a grass field. Even if the instructor provides detailed explanations and uses the most current technological tools, the students will not fully grasp the idea of swimming until they jump in the water and get wet. Educators know that practical experience is necessary to master any business subject. We joined the X-Culture project to allow our business students the opportunity to participate in a hands-on international project.  

Work together with students from foreign universities

The X-Culture project is an important component of our International Business course. Over an eight week period, Florida Tech students work on global virtual teams with students from various foreign universities. In our current X-Culture project, we have over 700 students from 25 universities representing 20 different countries. For example, a typical six person team would contain at least one student from a US, African, European, South American, and Asian university. In addition, to completing a comprehensive business project for a multinational company, the students experience first-hand the cross-cultural challenges of working on a global virtual team. In addition, the students learn to use the latest technology tools to coordinate and communicate with their international teammates. Finally, they gain real-life experience of working on a team and meeting strict deadlines.

Learn more by visiting the X-Culture Project Website.

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