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Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Why Study Abroad

The Office of International Academic Programs (IAP) is engaged in an exciting effort to infuse a global perspective in undergraduate and graduate college careers that broadly cuts across numerous academic disciplines and world regions.

  • Learn a foreign language
  • Immerse yourself in a different culture
  • Gain international professional work experience in your field
  • Become globally competent
  • Receive pre-approved transfer credit from a foreign university
  • See the world and experience studying in a foreign location, but pay Florida Tech tuition and fees

Study Abroad Programs

Florida Tech offers a variety of diverse international academic programs of study ranging from several weeks or months, to a full year; however, if you wish to study on a non-Florida Tech study abroad program or at another international institution, please review the Study Abroad Policy and FAQs

Some of the fun and exciting Florida Tech international opportunities (instruction in English, reduced Florida Tech tuition, and Florida Tech credit) include:

  • Florida Tech's Summer Study Abroad in Oxford, England including optional trips to Ireland, England's Jurassic Coast, and more.
  • Florida Tech's Business Summer Program in Spain
  • SKEMA-EAI (Cote d'Azur near Nice, France).  Semester/year only.  3rd & 4th year students. College of Aeronautics, Engineering, Business students.  Contact
  • Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (ENAC, Toulouse, France).  Semester/year, and summer.  College of Aeronautics students. Undergraduates contact Graduate students contact
  • US students have the opportunity to enroll for Fall or Spring semester in the Georgia Tech Lorraine Program in France where Engineering courses are offered. 
  • Study in China for a semester or a full year with GMEO.
  • Florida Tech International Summer Field Experiences for Biological Sciences:  

Contact  (Andes & Amazon 2019)

Contact (Puerto Rico)

Contact (Belize 2019)

  • Study for a semester or a year in over 25 countries with AIFS.  Search their site for details and contact for details on use of federal financial aid, registration, course approval, and scholarships.

These are some of the interesting places our students have studied in previous years:

China, Israel, Australia, Norway, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Africa, Costa Rica, Cuba, Galapagos Islands, Peru--just to name a few.

Join us for an unforgettable cross-cultural educational experience!

Faculty/Student International Opportunities.

US Department of State Resources for Study Abroad