Outside view of Nathan M Bisk College of Business building

About The Bisk College Of Business

In the Bisk College of Business at Florida Tech, we believe that learning is more than courses, degree programs, and curriculum. Rather, learning is the essence of taking full advantage of faculty whose passion is to transfer knowledge, enhance your critical thinking skills, and improve your ability to communicate both orally and in writing. In order for that goal to be reached, students must have a passion for learning. 

Business careers offer students a broad array of opportunities. Think of the possibilities in accounting, finance, Wall Street, venture capital, marketing strategy, marketing management or upper management. Think of how business people commercialize technology, analyze the market for new growth opportunities, and take advantage of an economy created to generate wealth.

The Bisk College of Business brings the business world into the classroom, providing a wide range of educational opportunities that are relevant and timely in addressing today’s complex problems.  Students learn to think critically, work effectively in teams, and are encouraged to create and innovate to explore new opportunities in our rapidly changing, technology-driven world.

About Nathan M. Bisk

Nathan M. Bisk founded Bisk Education in 1971 and was responsible for directing the strategic activities of the business. He was a nationally known author of taxation, accounting and auditing texts, as well as continuing education programs, and pioneered the development, writing and production of audio, video and multimedia continuing education and distance online education programs.

In 2009, Mr. Bisk presented Florida Tech with a $5 million gift to support its College of Business. The funding would be used three ways: to establish an endowed chair, for marketing and branding of the college, and to generate growth of online business programs. In appreciation, the university renamed the college the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business.

The college of business was again the benefactor of Nathan Bisk’s generosity in 2014. His gift helped make possible the university’s purchase of the two-story, 22,000-square-foot Babcock Oaks office building a mile north of campus, which soon became the new home of the business college and all business education programs and related outreach.

Mr. Bisk earned a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from Franklin and Marshall College and received his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Florida College of Law. He was both an attorney and a CPA in the State of Florida and served for nearly eight years as a member of Florida Tech's Board of Trustees, stepping down shortly before his death in 2017.

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