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Office of Compliance and Risk Management

Office Of Compliance And Risk Management

The Office of Compliance and Risk Management works to promote and ensure the safety of all students, faculty, staff, and visitors.  We are responsible for the following functions:

  • Develop and implement overall Risk Management strategies
  • Educate the University community and FIT Aviation regarding potential sources of risk
  • Provide risk assessment and evaluation (i.e. Special events such as student festivals and charity functions)
  • Confer with Legal Counsel regarding contract negotiations and claims settlements
  • Manage and process all insurance programs and claims including workers’ compensation, general liability, auto, property, and aviation
  • Provide oversight and guidance to departments with compliance responsibilities
  • Negotiate and obtain insurance from financially sound insurers acceptable to the University

As part of the overall goal to safeguard the resources of the two entities, the office works in partnership with the Department of Security and the Office of Environmental and Regulatory Compliance to evaluate potential hazards and promote campus safety and security and emergency preparedness.

By identifying, analyzing, and reducing risk, we can achieve campus compliance and continually improve its service to the University community.  The Office of Compliance and Risk Management helps our University community understand and fulfill its compliance and risk-related responsibilities.

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