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Cultural Competency Certificate

Cultural Competency Certificate

The Certificate of Cultural Competency is a free, non-credit program that certifies undergraduate students are prepared for the global workforce through the development and cultivation of knowledge and awareness about diverse cultures and groups of people. Through the program, students participate in experiential activities, academic courses and workshops, and other integrative experiences that incorporate diversity, inclusivity and international cultures.

The Cultural Competency Certificate is noted on the student’s transcript and is a desirable credential to highlight on resumes and CVs.

What is Cultural Competency?

Cultural Competency is an individual or organization’s ability to recognize, accept and respect differences between and within cultures to facilitate communication, understanding and collaboration socially, economically and politically in our communities, the workforce and the world.

What is Culture?

Culture describes a group of people with a similar set of life experiences that shape the way they interpret the world. A person can be born into a particular group or culture, or join or become a part of one, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Beyond geography, ethnicity and a perceived notion of race, culture includes groups of people of differing economic classes, gender, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability and native language to name just a few. Likewise, culture can be comprised of the intersectionality of any or all of these lived experiences.

A diverse and inclusive society encompasses, supports and celebrates cultural differences.


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