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Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences


For the Public Science Lecture Series, click here.

 Unless otherwise stated, all colloquia are at 4pm on Fridays in room 140 OPS.


January 24 - Dr. Christopher Bennett (University of Central Florida)

The interaction of radiation with planetary surfaces

February 7 - Dr. Fouad Sahraoui (Ecole Polytechnique )

Energy dissipation rate and kinetic damping of compressible sub-ion scale turbulence: theory, simulations, observations and some speculations

February 12 (Wed) - Dr. Mirmilad Mirsayar (Dwight Look College of Engineering, Texas A&M University)

NOTE: Different location - 144 OPS

Multifunctional materials for advanced structures – mechanics, modeling, and analysis

February 14 - Dr. Angie Bukley (NASA, ISU, & Aerospace Corporation)

Living the Dream – Adventures in the Space Enterprise

February 17 (Mon) - Dr. Thomas Jackson (University of Florida)

NOTE: Different location - 144 OPS

Thermo-mechanical Modeling and Simulation of AP-based Solid Propellant Combustion for Solid Rocket Motor Applications

February 19 (Wed) - Dr. Han-Gyu Kim (University of Washington)

February 21 - Dr. Martino Marisaldi (Birkeland Centre for Space Science)

NOTE: Different time and location - 12:30pm in room 202 OPS

Accelerators in the clouds: Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes observed by the ASIM mission onboard the International Space Station

February 21 - Dr. Ashwani Padthe (University of Michigan)

Comprehensive Modeling and Simulation of Helicopter Aeromechanics, Flight Mechanics, and Control

February 26 (Wed) - Dr. Reza Jahanbakhshi (Johns Hopkins University)

NOTE: Different location - 144 OPS

February 28 - Dr. Todd J. Henry (Georgia State University)

March 2 (Mon) - Dr. Peter Joo

NOTE: Different location - 144 OPS

March 4 (Wed) - Dr. Ehsan Arabi (University of Michigan)

NOTE: Different location - 144 OPS

Control of Uncertain Dynamical Systems with Spatial, Temporal, and Input Constraints

March 27 - Catherine Espaillat (Boston University)

April 24 - Dr. Adrienne Dove (University of Central Florida)