Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences

Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences


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January 25th, Dr. Erin Kara, University of Maryland.

February 8th, Dr. Nico Cappelluti, University of Miami.

February 15th, Dr. Don Warren, RIKEN.

February 22nd, Dr. Misty Bentz, Georgia State University.

March 1st, Dr. Peter Barnes, University of Florida

March 15th, Dr. Kaveh Pahlevan, Arizona State University.

March 22nd, Dr. Eddie Schwieterman, University of California, Riverside.

March 29th, Dr. Manasvi Lingam, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

April 5th, Dr. Alvin Smith, Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

April 19th, Mr. Teddy Sedalor, Northrop Grumman Corporation & Florida Institute of Technology (AE PhD Candidate)