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Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences


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September 20 - Dr. Brian Kish & Dr. Markus Wilde (Florida Tech)

Data-Driven Means of Compliance for the Certification of Part 23 Aircraft

October 18 - Dr. Denija Crnojevic (University of Tampa)

Resolving the extended stellar halos of nearby galaxies: the future of Near-Field Cosmology

October 25 - Dr. Estela Fernandez Valenzuela (University of Central Florida)

Discovering the outer Solar system

November 1 - Dr. Glen Henshaw, Robotocist (U.S. Naval Research Laboratory)

November 8 - Christopher “Duff” Guarente (Scaled Composites)


November 15 - Dr. Joseph Pelletierre, Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor (Crash Dynamics FAA Aviation Safety)


January 24 - Dr. Christopher Bennett (University of Central Florida)

The interaction of radiation with planetary surfaces

February 7 - Dr. Fouad Sahraoui (Ecole Polytechnique )

Energy dissipation rate and kinetic damping of compressible sub-ion scale turbulence: theory, simulations, observations and some speculations

February 28 - Dr. Todd J. Henry (Georgia State University)

March 27 - Catherine Espaillat (Boston University)

April 24 - Dr. Adrienne Dove (University of Central Florida)