View the Public Science Lecture Series.

 Unless otherwise stated, all colloquia are at 4pm on Fridays in room 140 OPS.

This semester colloquium will be hybrid (Zoom and 140 OPS). Please check your email for how to connect via Zoom. Contact Dr. Caballero if you want further information.

Fall 2021

October 8 - Dr. Levi Boggs (Georgia Tech)

Atmospheric Electricity: From Ground to Space


November 5 - Trupti Mahendrakar (FIT)


November 12 - Dr. Josh Mendez (U Oregon)


November 19 - Dr. Emily Rickman (STScI)


Monday November 22 (2pm) - Dr. Mia Bovil (TCU)

The First Stars

December 3 - Dr. Madhur Tiwari (FIT)


Spring 2022


January 14 - Southeastern Chapter of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots