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 Unless otherwise stated, all colloquia are at 4pm on Fridays in room 140 OPS.

This semester colloquium will be on Zoom. Please check your email for how to connect. Contact Dr. Caballero if you want further information.

Spring 2021

February 5 - Dr. Jérémy Riousset (Florida Tech)

Writing with LaTeX

February 12 - Mr. Andy Sokol (NASA Vehicle Systems Engineer)

Mars 2020 and NASA Launch Sevices Program


March 5 - Dr. Junho Park (Coventry University)

Hydrodynamic instabilities and turbulence in astrophysical and geophysical flows


March 19 - Dr. Samual Durrance (FIT)

Adventure of NASA's Astro Observatory


March 23 (Tuesday) - Madhur Tiwari (ERAU)

Autonomous Spacecraft Control Near Asteroids

March 25 (Thursday) - Dr. Ankit Goel (U. Michigan)

Can a quadcopter learn to fly while it's flying?

March 26 - Dr. George Nield (Commercial Space Technologies, LLC)

The Future of Commercial Space Exploration

April 2 - Dr. Daniel Batcheldor (NASA KSC)

The Lunar South Pole Environment

April 16 - Dr. Heloise Stevance (U. Auckland)


April 23 - Dr. Patricia Bessiere (IAC)


Fall 2020

August 21 - Dr. Tana Joseph (University of Amsterdam)

Multi-messenger studies of binary stellar systems with the SKA


September 11 - Kathryn Neugent, M.S. (University of Washington)

The Binary Fraction of Red Supergiants in the Local Group Galaxies

October 16 - Dr. Jamie Tayar (Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawai'i)

Better Stars, Better Planets: Linking Stellar Physics to the Search for Habitable Worlds

October 23 - Dr. Judit Szulágyi (ETH Zurich)

How to form planets and moons?

October 30 - Dr. Jia Liu (UC Berkeley)

Cosmology with Massive Neutrinos

November 13 - Dr. Meridith Joyce (Australian National University)

Betelgeuse won't hurt us yet: A Case Study using Mutli-timescale stellar simulations


November 20 - Mr. George Carlisle (JPL,retired)

If it's not impossible, it's not worth doing


December 4 - Mr. Alan Rainot (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)

High Contrast imaging of Massive stars