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Florida Tech Esports

Esports has arrived at Florida Tech. Join us in our journey toward gaming greatness as we build our teams and start competing in the 2020-'21 academic year. To get involved, complete the interest form at the bottom of this page.

The Director

Kenneth "Poshtings" Lam has been in the collegiate esports space for quite some time. He was the assistant director for Maryville Esports, one of the few highly competitive collegiate programs in North America, while getting his B.S. degree in actuarial science and MBA at the university. After having helped with the developments of a program on such calibre, he is using what he has learned to build a proper collegiate esports program at Florida Tech.

The Games

Florida Tech Esports teams will compete in games like:

  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch
  • Rocket League
  • Valorant
  • ...and more to come!

The Gameplan

The Florida Tech Esports program aims to have both competitive and community developments alongside academic collaborations within the university and various partnerships both internally and externally.

Competitive teams will have structures and dedicated space. The community will be a massive part of the program where events, community teams, and content creation happens. The program is also interested in internal partnerships and collaborations such as research, studies, and help developing students through their capstone or practicum requirements. Lastly, external partnerships, sponsorships, and outreach.

The beauty of an esports program is that as long as you are passionate about esports or video games in general, and are willing to work with others, there will be a role for you. You don’t have to be good at video games to be in the program. Without a community, this will not be a complete program, so please reach out and get involved!

Interest Form