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What is Esports?

Esports refers to electronic sports in the form of competitive video gaming. Esports is a rapidly growing multi-billion dollar industry spanning K-12, amateur, collegiate, and professional levels of competition, entertainment, and spectatorship. Esports competition typically consists of individuals but more often teams of a particular title going head-to-head at local and national events. 

Esports at Florida Tech: 

Florida Tech provides a dedicated esports facility, world-class academics, and knowledgeable esports staff and coaches that help our esports athletes develop and perform to the best of their abilities. Throughout the year, our teams will compete in collegiate and open leagues, seasons, and tournaments, as well as travel to live events. When not competing, our esports athletes are treated no differently than traditional athletes, and just like traditional athletics, our player’s practice, compete and develop critical teamwork skills that they can rely on later on in their careers.

Interested in competing? Get Involved. 

Not a gamer? Esports provides opportunities for research and work experience in areas like media and graphic design, operation and event management, as well as skill development and performance coaching.


Florida Tech Esports represents the university at the national level through intercollegiate competition, high academic performance, cutting-edge research, and progressive global citizenship. We strive to prepare our student-athletes and student-workers with transferable skills that reach beyond the collegiate arena and into the professional world. It is our hope that the values, experiences, and memories forged by our teams are carried, ad astra per scientiam.

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Location: Ruth Funk Center (between Evans Library and Homer R. Denius Student Center)

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