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Director of Esports

Dana Hustedt, who as director of esports at Grand View University helped propel that program to nationwide prominence and national rankings, was hired in March 2021 to lead Florida Tech’s esports program. Hustedt was hired in May 2018 as director of esports at Grand View, a university of about 2,000 students in Des Moines, Iowa, about 160 miles southeast of her hometown of Galva, Iowa. An alumna of Grand View, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in management and marketing and played varsity softball, Hustedt was the first woman to lead a collegiate esports program. That distinction and her early success helped generate a lengthy profile in a leading ESPN publication. She brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership navigating collegiate esports. She plans to elevate Florida Tech to esports destination through competition, academia, and community outreach. 

Levels Of Participation

Esports and Gaming is for everyone. We seek to provide a community for all levels of interest!

  • Varsity/JV/Competitive - Dedicated space, practice hours, coaching and national competition, leagues and seasons. Tryouts will be conducted and teams formed. 
  • Club - Student led. Organized and supported by esports director advisory. Games based on student interest. Facility to utilize. Many opportunities and events prepared for creating an inclusive and welcoming club environment! 
  • Intramural - various events and tournaments for any Florida Tech student.
  • General Campus Use of Facility - first-come-first-serve OR make a reservation.
  • Student Staff & Volunteer Opportunities - Esports facility student workers, student coaching, analysts, team managers, content creators, camp volunteers and more!

What does Varsity, JV, Competitive and Club mean?

Varsity is the showcasing of the highest form of the competitive aspect of the program and competes in national collegiate seasons, tournaments and leagues. Teams are formed through recruitment and tryouts. Varsity teams include dedicated practice time, staff, travel opportunities.

Junior Varsity is a place for growth and development. We strive to develop this roster into replacements of their varsity counterparts upon graduation. Therefore the metric of success for these players is improvement. These teams are provided competition of similar skill level.

Competitive titles in our program are titles that we may not be ready to offer as Varsity, but want to field the best competitive teams we can that have collegiate and/or competitive ecosystems. If the skill of a team ever becomes high enough, the recruitment ever big enough, or the collegiate foundation ever vast enough, a supported title could get upgraded to a varsity title. JV and Competitive titles are more likely to be student coached by a Graduate Assistant, Qualified Student Coach, Captain or in some cases, a volunteer coach. JV & Competitive titles are provided esports administrative advisory and organization, but limited to selective travel opportunities.

Club will vary based on student interest. We have placed a variety of titles in our Community and Club Gaming section of the server based on collected student interest forms. We welcome team games, solo games, console, mobile and will always support finding a community for you to enjoy your passion.

Non-Player Opportunities

  • Behavior Analyst
  • Club Esports Board
  • Content Creator/Streamer
  • Esports Camp Coach or Volunteer
  • Esports Facility Student Worker
  • Esports Information Director
  • Events Team
  • Graphic Design
  • Journalism
  • Production & Broadcast
  • Shoutcaster
  • Social Media
  • Student Coach
  • Team Analyst
  • Team Manager
  • Tournament Organizers

Esports Facility

Located in the Ruth Funk Center, you will find a furnished esports facility for competitive, club and campus use and entertainment. Whether a competitive or casual gamer, dropping by to support your Florida Tech esports teams or hangout with friends during a study break- the facility will provide a fun, community atmosphere for all students to enjoy. This two story, 5,600 square foot venue will undergo renovation and preparation and Grand Open in August 2021.

Phase 1

  • 36 OMEN by HP Gaming PCs
  • Spectrum Evolution Desks
  • RESPAWN Gaming Chairs
  • Competition stage and spectator viewing area 
  • Console room - new and retro 
  • Student community spaces 
  • Film Review/Meeting Room
  • Broadcast/Production 
  • Staff Offices

The Games

Florida Tech Esports teams will participate in a variety of games in national,  competitive collegiate seasons and tournaments. We will also provide club and intramural levels. While there are many esports titles, we will offer select Varsity titles and tailor club title offerings to student interest.  Below are games evaluated on existing campus interest and subject to change. 

Varsity & JV Titles for 2021-22

  • League of Legends
  • Rocket League

Competitive Titles - titles with current collegiate and/or competitive ecosystem. Promising game titles to carry as an offering. 

  • Call of Duty Warzone/CDL

  • CS:GO

  • Overwatch

  • Rainbow Six Siege

  • Super Smash Brothers


Club Titles - determined by student interest. Will also include the above titles. May be as competitive or casual as students desire. 

  • Apex Legends

  • Dota

  • FIFA

  • Fortnite
  • Hearthstone

  • Legends of Runeterra

  • Madden

  • Magic the Gathering

  • Minecraft

  • NBA2k

  • Paladins

  • Smite

  • TFT

Academic And Campus Engagement

The addition of esports on campus not only will allow for ultimate student engagement and hopes of retention, but will provide growth, innovation and enrollment. The student demand for esports on campus is evident and the addition of organized and structured esports will prove beneficial. Esports is not just video games, esports is a vehicle of learning.  Our program will incorporate various academic departments to strengthen not only our esports program, but institution as a whole. 

Our program will work with the School of Behavior Analysis to provide player-student development. A program that is first of its kind will truly impact our students, provide valuable hands on capstone and practical experience, potential career paths and provide much needed data for the esports industry.  This collaboration will benefit both programs.