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Paavo Sepri

Emeritus Faculty | College of Engineering and Science - Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences

Educational Background

B.S., Aerospace Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn 1965

M.S., Astronautics Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn 1965

Can. Phil., Engineering Science University of California, San Diego 1969

Ph.D., Engineering Science University of California, San Diego 1971

Professional Experience

Associate Professor, Florida Institute of Technology, 1987 – present

Associate Professor, University of Oklahoma, 1981 – 1986

Senior Staff Scientist, AVCO Systems Division, 1975 – 1981

Assistant Research Engineer, University of California, San Diego, 1973 – 1975

Senior Research Assistant, Queen Mary College, London, 1971 – 1973

Selected Publications

Rusovici, R., Sepri, P., Kwok Choon, S.T.C., Feys, J., and Archambault, M., Smart Actuation of Inlet Guide Vanes for Small Turbine Engine, Journal of Aviation and Aerospace Perspectives, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp. 19-35, Winter 2011.

Sepri, P., Confined Natural Convection in the Low Prandtl Number Limit, BETECH XII Conference, April 9-11, 1997.

Sepri, P., Exponential Wake Structure of Heated Boundary Layers at Elevated Levels of Free-Stream Turbulence, Journal of Heat Transfer, June 1987, pp. 336-344.

Sepri, P., K. Chen, and J.A. OKeefe, Diminished Tektite Ablation in the Wake of a Swarm, Journal of Geophysical Research, June 1981, pp. 5103-5111.

Sepri, P., Two Point Turbulence Measurements Downstream of a Heated Grid, Physics of Fluids, December 1976, pp. 1876-1884.

Sepri, P., Analysis of the Pressure and Velocity Fields Across Steady Diffusion Flame Sheets, Combustion and Flame, April 1976, pp. 179-189.


Computation of Flows within Inlet Guide Vane Passages.

Computation of Pressure Distributions in the Vicinity of Laminar Flame Sheets.

Computation of Air/Water Mixtures in Supersonic Wind Tunnels.

Computational Modeling of Micro-Thruster Performance.

Transition to Turbulence and its Connection to Chaos Theory.

Research & Project Interests

Dr. Sepri has made contributions in experimental, computational, and theoretical areas of fluid mechanics. His earlier researches included aerodynamic testing of flow in wing/body junctions and hot-wire anemometry of heated grid turbulence. He also performed analyses relevant to the aero-thermodynamics of reentry vehicles, and fuel droplet combustion. More recent research in computational fluid dynamics has involved turbulent boundary layer modeling, internal flow computations, turbulent moisture transport, free convection instabilities, fuel cell configurations, and micro-thruster geometries.

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