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William David Shoaff

Emeritus Faculty | College of Engineering and Science - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Educational Background

B.S. Southern Illinois University 1972
M.S. Southern Illinois University 1976
M.S. University of Florida 1986
Ph.D. Southern Illinois University 1981

Professional Experience

Dr. Shoaff has served as department head for computer sciences from August 1995 until March 2014, directing the academic development of bachelor’s of science programs in computer science and software engineering; master’s of science programs in computer science and software engineering; and doctor of philosophy program in computer science. He teaches courses in discrete mathematics, computer graphics, analysis of algorithms, formal languages and computational complexity. He is interested in computational genetics, literate programming, parallel algorithms, computer graphics and applications of computer science in science and engineering.

Selected Publications

Fulton, C., S. Pruess and W. Shoaff. 1994. Parallel Computation of Sturm-Liouville Spectral Density Functions. Parallel Algorithms and Applications.

Inui, M., W. Shoaff, L. Fausett and M. Schneider. 1994. The Recognition of Imperfect Strings Generated by Fuzzy Context Sensitive Grammars. International Journal of Fuzzy Sets and Systems.

Schneider, M., H. Lim and W.D. Shoaff. 1992. The Utilization of Fuzzy Sets in the Recognition of Imperfect Strings. International Journal of Fuzzy Sets and Systems.

Shoaff, W.D., H.S. Newman, T.R. Nuttall and J.C. Hozier. 1990. Supercomputer Simulation of Chromosomes. Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Electrophoresis, Supercomputing and the Human Genome.

Shoaff, W.D. and C.D. Chan. 1989. A Parallel Algorithm for the Singular Value Decomposition of Rectangular Matrices. Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

Shoaff, W.D. 1985. Tchebycheff Approximation of Continuous Functions by Harmonic Polynomials on Conic Sections. Journal of Approximation Theory.

Recognition & Awards

ABET Computing Accreditation Commission on Computing Program Evaluator


Research & Project Interests

Computational genetics, literate programming methodologies

Other research interests include computer graphics and parallel algorithms

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