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Core Values and Key Performance Indicators of Student Success & Achievement

Florida Tech upholds three core values, which are linked to its mission and are foundational to it's strategic plan Florida Tech Forward.  These core values are:

Core Value #1 – Student Success

This is the primary reason the university exists, why it was founded and why it is successful. The success of our future alumni is not merely being educated by taking classes, achieving good grades indicating their knowledge of the material, and then eventually receiving their degree. The student success that we focus on is a lifelong adventure. We pride ourselves on preparing the graduates for both a successful career and a successful life. It is education for a lifetime of success and happiness. Employers value Florida Tech graduates enormously. They are well prepared to function in today’s environment and future environment. Lifelong learning is not a chore but a joy. Our desire is for them to never “work” a day in their lives. This can only occur if their education is appropriate for their chosen career and the joy of learning is firmly ingrained in all they do.

Core Value #2 – Research for the Benefit of Mankind

As a national doctoral university, we are by definition involved in research. Unlike most of the independent universities within Florida, we operate on a national and indeed an international scale. We are concerned with not just technological and social developments to support the American economy but to benefit all mankind. As a technical institute, our roots have been in applied research, and we continue that even in our socially oriented research programs. Esoteric is not in our vocabulary, we leave that to other universities.

Probably the most significant component of this core value, however, is the commitment we made in 2005 to involve every on-campus student in team-oriented scholarly activities (research). 

Core Value #3 – Development of Global Citizens

The Florida Institute of Technology is heavily involved in the recruitment of international students and faculty, and they make up a significant percentage of the Florida Tech family. But the core value is something much more than having a significant presence of internationals on campus. It is about ingraining in the curriculum, in the extracurricular activities, and in the culture of Florida Tech that we all (faculty, staff and students) must be good stewards of the globe’s resources and indeed, good citizens of this world in which we live.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) used to determine levels of achievement, consistent with Florida Tech’s mission and core values.  Corresponding thresholds of acceptability are provided in each menu under Acceptability Thresholds and Definitions.  Where specified, thresholds of acceptability are taken from the Strategic Plan Florida Tech Forward.

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