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Family Resources

Coming to college is an exciting time for new students, but we know it can be a difficult change for family members. The Family Resources page is filled with information to help the families feel more comfortable with this new and exciting change. We will also be hosting a Family Orientation Program designated for students' families!

Interactive Resources

These suggested readings in the “letting go” process and how to deal with the college experience for family members.

  • She's Leaving Home: Letting Go as My Daughter Goes to College.
    By Connie Jones

  • When Your Kid Goes to College: A Parent's Survival Guide.
    By Carol Barkin

  • Letting Go: A Parent's Guide to Understanding the College Years.
    By Karen Coburn and Madge Treeger

Communication with Your Student

During their first year as a new student, it is essential that families understand to communicate and the impacting role it plays in the success of their student. Even though your student is entering the adult world and shifting to a self-sufficient environment, it is essential to maintain an encouraging and involved relationship.  

Encourage them to get involved on campus! Getting involved in something that interests students will create a positive attitude. It is also a great way to meet new people with similar interests. Involvement also instills good time management skills that students will need as they move through college and into their professions.

Show interest in their experiences and schoolwork. By discussing classes, professors, and grades with your new student, family members can help us identify and address any potential problems. It also shows the student that they have a great support system back at home. A great way to stay in touch and show them that you care is by occasionally sending cards or packages or calling them and asking about their day. These little things can make a world of difference!

Until your student gets a comfortable feel for how things happen at Florida Tech, it is essential to encourage them to stay in contact with their advisors and professors. Their advisors and professors provide additional support that helps students stay on track and can answer any questions the students may have academically or personally. They also give advice regarding class schedules or general major-related issues.

Your Part

College students' family members are essentially the backbone of their success during their first year in college. Yes, the student is an adult and responsible for their own well-being, but it is still essential to keep interested in their coursework and responsibilities. Try to remember important dates: vacation times, midterms, finals, registration dates, tuition payment deadlines, and any special events. Sometimes students need a little reminding until they get into the swing of things.

Becoming familiar with resources offered by Florida Tech is also a great way to be supportive! Sometimes students forget about the wide variety of resources that are readily available to them, so it does help to remind them of the incredible opportunities that await them! (i.e., tutoring services, career management services, campus services, student life services, etc.)

If they don’t call every day, it’s okay! Student life on campus can be hectic and exciting. There often isn’t enough time in the day. Your student will be busy keeping up with classes and getting involved on campus. It’s wonderful to call, but set aside a mutual time that you can talk to without disrupting their academics or prior commitments. This will also help instill independence as well as responsible behavior. It will be challenging to decide when to intervene and when to let your student figure things out for themselves. Your student may need an opportunity to vent, and you can serve them well by listening, offering advice, and letting them handle the challenges themselves.

The University's Part

Here at Florida Tech, we take pride in our students and treat them as adults. Students are not considered a number in the system but responsible individuals!

We work with students to ensure they get the best out of their education and experience at college.

We genuinely care! We try to make sure that each student is safe, happy, and healthy, both physically and mentally.

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