Information Technology, M.S.

Information Technology, M.S.

The Master of Science in Information Technology

Our Master of Science in Information Technology provides the essential business and strategic technology management courses to develop you as a well-rounded professional. You’ll gain the combination of technical and management knowledge needed to implement security strategies that protect an organization’s information and technology assets.

What You'll Learn

In this Information Technology Master's program you will learn how to lead complex projects from a 21st century information technology perspective. You will also learn how to develop information systems as strategic tools to provide competitive advantage. By studying how to quickly adapt new technologies, you will discover how to thrive in the global environment.

Information Technology Careers

An Master of Science in Information Technology is valued by employers seeking professionals with advanced educational qualifications, practical leadership abilities and a broad technical understanding of emerging technologies in the IT field. It can position graduates for roles such as director of information technology, IT architect and systems manager, data processing manager, systems software manager, and chief information officer.