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About Property Administration & Inventory Control

University property must be accurately and appropriately accounted for whether it is owned directly by the University or held by for it for others by terms of grants or contracts. Equipment is capitalized and recorded in the Fixed Asset Software (FAS) System database. Property tags are affixed to each asset or equipment item. This enables the inventory, redistribution and disposition or property to remain within the control of the University.

In order to comply with federal regulations, Property Management will conduct a physical inventory each year. A representative from Property Administration coordinates conducting this inventory with each department. The information gathered by the inventory review is imported into the property database and an exception report for those items not available is sent to each department.

Each department is requested to notify Property Management concerning equipment that is not acquired through the Purchasing Process; i.e.: donations, fabricated items, transfers from other institutions, cash or credit card purchases, direct pays, surplus, and grants or contracts.

University departments are required to notify or request assistance from Property Administration concerning all relocation of furniture and equipment. This requirement insures that: (1) capital assets are properly located, documented and charged, (2) any furniture or equipment relocations are accomplished on a timely basis, and (3) when necessary, an outside source may be needed to accomplish a relocation and insuring that appropriate funding documents are in order.

Our Services

Receiving and Distribution Services

The Receiving Department is responsible for the receipt and distribution of all goods delivered through Central Receiving. Upon receiving, the Receiving Department will transport such items to the appropriate designated point and obtain appropriate signatures on the corresponding receiving documents.

Transportation and Shipping Services

The Property Administration Supervisor competitively selects carriers, negotiates transportation rates and services, reviews freight invoices before payment, and, coordinates campus moves. The Shipping Department will arrange for items to be shipped off-campus. Items must be packed and insured by the requesting department.  Please send an email to once a Send Suite Live Request Form has been completed at:  

Debit, Credit, Panther Cash and Cash are accepted for personal shipments. 

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