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Research and Scholarship

Faculty and students in the College of Psychology and Liberal Arts have a diverse range of research and scholarship interests but what underlies it all is a focus on doing work that makes a difference. Basic research in psychology, the humanities, and communication fuel our understanding of the human condition and will contribute to innovations that make the world a better place and solutions to the pressing global issues of today and tomorrow.

The college’s research areas include media studies, philosophy, popular culture, autism, trauma, cross cultural competence and global leadership, teamwork and team performance, mosquito control and environmental history, political science, South African history, art and architecture, video game music, sports concussion, elder care and adults with disabilities, leadership, workplace feedback and coaching, forensic psychology, psychology and the law, criminal justice, non-human primate behavior and cognition, childhood emotion and memory, and personality.

We are committed to providing basic and applied research and scholarship opportunities to every student in our college. Every student in our degree programs conducts research or works on an applied capstone project, with one-on-one supervision by one of our world-class faculty.

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