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Faculty Mentor Program

CoPLA Faculty Mentoring Program is open to all faculty and instructors in CoPLA. The purpose of the program is to promote faculty development across the career life-cycle. The Partnership to Success program will provide a forum for discussion of topics important to faculty through one-on-one mentoring relationships.

Form new connections with your colleagues and experience:

  • Professional Development
  • Support
  • Career Advice
  • A Sense of Community
  • Access to Networks
  • Project-Specific Feedback

Goals of the Partnership to Success program:

  1. Encourage collegiality across the college
  2. Help new faculty feel welcomed and part of the university community
  3. Create support system for faculty through networking
  4. Facilitate academic and career success
  5. Enhance faculty satisfaction and encourage a supportive work environment

Consider participating as a mentee if you:

  • Are new to the COPLA family
  • Would like to build community and collegiality across the college
  • Are interested in professional development 
  • Want to network outside your department or school
  • Would like to discuss research, scholarly activities, funded work
  • Would like to discuss time management or how to best allocate your time across academic work, research, teaching, service
  • Would like to refresh your teaching approach or have teaching challenges
  • Wonder about promotion to associate or full professor
  • Would just like to meet someone new

Consider participating as a mentor if you:

  • Are a good listener
  • Understand the academic culture of Florida Tech
  • Would like to build a network of junior and senior colleagues
  • Could share insight into the social and political dynamics of the department and faculty
  • Would like to help others with their career advancement goals 
  • Would like to build community and collegiality across the college
  • Would just like to meet someone new

For more information check out our blog for more details about the program and information on mentoring and how it could be right for you.


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