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Residence Life

Residence Life Staff

 RAs with letters

Residence Life is comprised of a diverse group of staff members who work to create an engaging and educational living environment. Our staff represents a plethora of campus groups and interests and has the knowledge to successfully guide students through a fulfilling Florida Tech experience.

During the course of the  Academic year, students are encouraged to meet and connect with the Residence Life Staff and take advantage of the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm that they provide.

Resident Assistants (RAs)

RAs are undergraduate students who undergo a variety of comprehensive training workshops to prepare themselves to be a resource and facilitator for our residence hall communities. There is an RA on every floor or within every building and they are the best immediate resource for the residential student.

Resident Directors (RDs)

RDs are graduate-assistants who are responsible for the supervision of one or more residence halls in each respective area. An RD may directly supervise anywhere from 6 - 12 RAs. Many of our RDs previously served as RAs during their undergraduate years, so they have a wealth of knowledge and experience to impart to the students.

Community Directors (CDs)

The Community Director is either an undergraduate or graduate student with experience as an RA, but who holds an intermediary position between the RA and RDs. The CD is an extra resource for our students and the student staff. Many of our CDs go on to become RDs during the course of their Florida Tech Careers.

Assistant Director for Residence Life (ADRL)

The Assistant Director for Residence Life is the director of the Residence Life Program at Florida Tech. The ADRL is a professional position that answers directly to the Assistant Vice President for Business & Retail Operations. In addition to directing the Residence Life program. The Assistant Director for Residence Life works out of the 1st Floor of the Florida Tech Commons in the Campus Services Office.


Florida Intitute of Technology 2016 2017 Staff

Columbia Village

Harris Village

Mary Star of the Sea

Residence Quad

Roberts Hall

Southgate Apartments & Panther Bay


Columbia Village

  • Resident Director: Columbia Village Commons
  • Community Director: Husband 303
  • Resident Assistants:
    • Chawla 101
    • Chawla 303
    • Husband 101
    • Ramon 101
    • Ramon 303
    • McCool 101
    • McCool 303
    • Anderson 101
    • Anderson 303
    • Brown 101
    • Brown 303
    • Clark 101
    • Clark 303

Harris Village

  • Resident Director: TBA
  • Resident Assistants:
    • Hartley A-103
    • Hartley A-303
    • Hartley A-503
    • Farmer B-103
    • Farmer B-303
    • Farmer B-503
    • Harris C-105
    • Harris C-305
    • Harris C-503

Residence Hall Quad Staff

  • Resident Director: Campbell 201C
  • Assistant Resident Director: Brownlie 117
  • Resident Assistants:
    • Shaw 103W
    • Shaw 203W
    • Wood 105
    • Campbell 105W
    • Grissom 301C
    • Grissom 201C
    • Evans 311
    • Evans 411

Roberts Hall Staff

  • Resident Director: Robers 203S
  • Resident Assistants:
    • Roberts 203N
    • Roberts 303N
    • Roberts 303S
    • Roberts 403N
    • Roberts 403S
    • Roberts 503N
    • Roberts 503NS
    • Roberts 603N
    • Roberts 603S
    • Roberts 703N
    • Roberts 703S

Southgate Apartments Staff

  • Resident Director: Southgate H-107
  • Resident Assistants:
    • A/C A-104
    • D/H H-202
    • M/L M-104
    • B/C E-204
    • K/L K-104