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Residence Halls

Columbia Village

Columbia Village offers freshman four-bedroom, two-bath suite-style living at the edge of the Botanical Gardens. Each of the seven buildings is named in honor of one of the fallen astronauts of the Columbia Space Shuttle.

Columbia Village residents have access to the Student Commons Building which houses a laundry facility, a multipurpose room, a study/vending area, mailboxes, and Residence Assistants' offices.  The multipurpose room is where many events occur and residents can come together to play games such as air hockey or watch the latest popular shows on the television.

Residence Hall Quad

Stand in the Quad at noon on a Monday and you can truly feel the pulse of Florida Tech. The Residence Hall Quad is centrally located on campus, a mere five-minute walk from most classrooms and a popular venue for clubs and organizations to host their events. Living in the quad puts a student in the center of the extra-curricular activities on campus.  The Quad offers a variety of housing options for students.  Campbell Hall is a freshman only option with students living in a double occupancy room and having a shared bath.  Wood, Grissom, and Shaw Hall are for students with sophomore and above status and offers a double occupancy room with a shared bath.  Brownlie Hall and Evans Hall are also for sophomore and above students and provide students with both single and double occupancy options.  One of the best features of the Quad buildings is they are near the Rathskeller Eatery and Black Kats Cafe located on the ground floor of Evans Hall.

Roberts Hall

Roberts Hall is only for freshman students.  This seven story, 250-bed residence hall features double-occupancy rooms, shared bathrooms and a common lounge on each floor. The ground floor plays host to vending machines, laundry services and a Residence Life Staff office. 

Because of its design, Roberts hall is conducive to social interaction and is a hub of activity throughout the year as students can come together at the floor lounges for academics and social events.

Southgate Apartments

Sophomore and above status students are eligible to reside at Southgate Apartments.  The Southgate Complex contains nine buildings as well as a swimming pool, basketball court, and close proximity to Southgate Fields where students can participate in a variety of activities.  Each student has their own individual bedroom and studio, single, double, and triple occupancy options are available.  Depending on the floor plan, there is either one or two bathrooms available in the apartment.

Each apartment contains extra-long twin beds and a complete kitchen including a full size refrigerator, electric range and ample cupboard space. 

Harris Village

Harris Village is one of the newest on-campus residence complexes built overlooking the athletic fields and within easy walking distance of the classrooms. This complex is comprised of three five-story halls that offer a variety of four-person, two-person and single apartment suites.  Sophomore and above status students can reside at Harris Village.  Amenities include a full-size refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher and full oven with range. Each hall has its own laundry facilities and a multi-purpose lounge space complete with cable televisions and wireless Internet access.

Each building has laundry facilities located on the first floor as well as a community lounge to provide ample space for studying and social interaction.   

Panther Bay Apartments

Panther Bay Apartments is located a short distance off of the main campus on Palm Bay Road.  These are five bedroom/five bathroom apartment complexes so each student has a private room and a private bathroom.  Each apartment comes with a full kitchen and common area with a washer and dryer also.  A full-time Property Manager oversees the day-to-day operations and facilitates mail service at the complex.  There is a pool, volleyball net, and clubhouse at Panther Bay providing opportunities for residents to relax.

Panther Bay also is home to Greek Village but plenty of apartment space is available to non-Greek students too.  Panther Bay is available to second semester freshman and above status students.

Mary Star of the Sea Apartments

Mary Star of the Sea Apartments is our affiliated property that is operated by Florida Tech.  The complex is open to freshman and above status students.  Mary Star of the Sea offers private bedroom accommodations in either four, double, or single occupancy apartments with two or one bathrooms in the apartment depending on the layout.  There is a full kitchen and a common area in each apartment.  A full-time Residence Life Coordinator oversees the day-to-day operations and facilitates the mail service at the complex.  There is a main lounge area on the first floor and smaller gathering areas throughout the complex.  Mary Star of the Sea is an all-faith housing complex and provides a mixture of faith-based programming in addition to educational and social programs.  The same rules and regulations apply to Mary Star of the Sea as the rest of campus.  Mary Star of the Sea does have extended double beds.

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