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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the appropriate use for funding?

    Appropriate use of funds includes programs/material that is likely to entertain, educate and/or strengthen the Florida Tech student body. The historical performance of the event/activity is also considered. For more information refer to section 5.0 of the SAFC document. A list of non-fundable items is also described.

  2. What is an Operational Budget and what can we use it for?

    Operational budgets are used for paper, pencils, folders and other small miscellaneous purchases to assist in running your organization.

    The amount is determined by SAFC.

  3. Can allocated funds be used for purposes other than the event requested?

    No, designated funds must be used for the event purposes, however if the committee is notified monies can be transferred for other purposes within the event. SAFC reserves the right to redistribute allocated funds from one event to another event on a case-by-case basis. However funds can only be re-allocated once and the organization cannot re-apply for funding for the forfeited event.

  4. Can we appeal a funding decision?

    Yes, appeals must be submitted in writing to Student Government no later than 5 PM on the third day after notification. SGA will review the appeal and reach a final decision by a two-thirds vote. A representative from the organization will have the opportunity to attend the appeal process.

  5. How do we get reimbursed?

    Pick up a reimbursement form in the Office of Student Activities (they are on-line in a PDF format) and turn in the form with all (original) attached receipts. Don't hesitate to ask questions when you are in the office.

  6. Does SAFC fund conferences/competitions?

    The SAFC will determine each year whether or not conferences will be funded for the given fiscal year, depending on the allocated budget.

  7. Does the event have to be open to the whole campus?

    A general rule of thumb is that events that are open to the majority of campus tend to meet the criteria for fund usage.

  8. How do I know what travel expenses are covered?

    Travel expenses that may be covered are conference/competition registrations, travel and lodging. 

  9. Does SAFC fund organizations?

    Funding is only for designated events and activities, not for organizations general use. Office budgets are available for general operation.

  10. Can my organization receive funding for our banquet each semester?

    SAFC does not fund end of year or semester banquets for organizations.

  11. What if my event is not approved by the Office of Student Activities?

    The Office of Student Activities must approve all events in order to use the allocated SAFC funding.

  12. Will SAFC fund organization induction fees and initiations?

    SAFC does not fund rituals, inductions or pay dues for organizations. See SAFC document 9.5.

  13. What is capital equipment?

    SAFC funds may not be used to purchase capital equipment. Capital equipment is any tangible nonexpendable property having a useful life of more than one year and an acquisition cost of $500 or more per unit.

  14. Does SAFC allocate funds for T-Shirts?

    SAFC does not fund personal clothing items, i.e., T-shirts, jackets, hats, etc. See SAFC document 9.2.

  15. Can organizations use SAFC funds for off campus food?

    Yes, organizations can purchase food off campus as long as a proof of their insurance and a copy of the vendors license are submitted to the Office of Student Life.

  16. How do I change dates for an event?

    If a student group needs to change the date of an event/activity within the same semester a memo to committee will transfer the funds to the new date.

  17. Do SAFC funds expire?

    SAFC funds are allocated by semester. If a student organization does not use allocated funds in the given semester, they are forfeited and may not be re-requested.  If a group would like to change the date of an event from semester to semester a memo to the committee will transfer the funds to the new date.

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