Dr. Patterson teaching class.

The Kerry Bruce Clark Award For Excellence In Teaching Winners

A picture of Dr. Kerry Bruce Clark

The Kerry Bruce Clark Award for Excellence in Teaching is named after Dr. Kerry Bruce Clark who served as a member of the Florida Tech biological sciences faculty from 1971 until his passing in 1999. Dr. Clark was largely responsible for developing the marine biology program at Florida Tech. As a full professor he was named a 1996 Fellow by the American Association for the Advancement of Science in honor of his research on mollusks, marine ecology, psychological ecology, and biodiversity. He was widely published in scientific journals and an inspiring educator.

This award, in which faculty are nominated by their supervisors and peers, was established in 1989. It honors excellence in teaching by evaluating the faculty's teaching dossiers on multiple criteria such as innovative teaching techniques, curriculum/course development activities, and training sessions conducted for students and/or peers.

Here is a list of Kerry Bruce Clark Award for Excellence in Teaching winners:


Year AwardedFaculty Member
2019-2020 Kastro Hamed
2018-2019 Joel Olson
2017-2018 Matthew Ruane
2016-2017 Nasri Nesnas
2015-2016 Julie Costopoulos
2014-2015 Albert Bleakley
2013-2014 David Fleming
2012-2013 Kurt Winkelmann
2011-2012 Razvan Rusovici
2010-2011 James Brenner
2009-2010 Kevin Johnson
2008-2009 Veton Kepuska
2007-2008 Lisa Perdigao
2006-2007 Georgios Anagnostopoulos
2005-2006 Monica Baloga
2004-2005 Richard Tankersley
2003-2004 Robert Taylor
2002-2003 Ralph Turningan
2001-2002 Muzaffar Shaikh
2000-2001 Cecilia Knoll
1999-2000 Alan Rosiene
1997-1998 Mark Bush
1997-1998 Iver Duedall
1997-1998 Robert Fronk
1997-1998 George Maul
1997-1998 Mark Moldwin
1997-1998 Hamid Rassoul
1997-1998 Gary Wells
1997-1998 John Windsor
1997-1998 Michael Witiw
1996-1997 John G. Morris
1995-1996 Jonathan Shenker
1994-1995 Yahya Sharaf-Eldeen
1993-1994 Robert Shearer
1992-1993 Kerry Clark
1992-1993 Benjamin Sawyer
1991-1992 Gordon Patterson
1990-1991 Hamid Rassoul
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