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Teaching Council

What Is Your Teaching Philosophy?

What's Larry Johnston's teaching Philosophy?

The Honorable Larry Johnston discusses how he successfully engages his students in an online classroom.


What's Dr. Cremer's teaching Philosophy?

Dr. Cremer discusses creativity in the classroom and the three aspects of teaching that he has found to be the most important.


What's Dr. Tenali's teaching Philosophy?

Dr. Tenali explains the joys of teaching and learning and how he creates a dynamic classroom environment that involves interactive communication between him and his students.


What's Dr. Stephane's teaching Philosophy?

Dr. Lucas Stephane discusses his focus on project-based learning and creating a community of learners.


What's Dr. Shaikh's teaching Philosophy?

Dr. Shaikh discusses four dimensions of teaching that he utilizes to inspire his students.


What's Dr. Carstens's teaching Philosophy?

Dr. Carstens discusses her teaching philosophy, specifically her hands-on approach.


What's Dr. Knoll's teaching Philosophy?

Dr. Knoll discusses creating an intimate classroom setting, even in larger classes.


What's Dr. Patterson's Teaching Philosophy?

Dr. Patterson discusses his deep interest in each of his students and adapting to create the best possible classroom environment.