SmartTrack MBA Program For EFSC Students

The accelerated SmartTrack MBA program gives highly motivated Eastern Florida State College (EFSC) students in Organizational Management the chance to take graduate-level course work while still an undergraduate in a bachelor’s degree program, allowing them to finish a Florida Tech MBA in less time than they could in a traditional program.  EFSC students interested in pursuing the SmartTrack MBA degree at Florida Tech should refer to the program description and requirements below and apply by contacting your EFSC SmartTrack coordinator:
Phone: (321) 433-5420

Program Benefits

  • Earn up to six Florida Tech graduate MBA credits in your senior year at EFSC at a $150 per credit cost (A $2,700 savings). Three credits are taken in each of the fall and spring semesters
  • Bypass the time commitment, anxiety and costs of the regular graduate admission process (e.g. Graduate Admission application fee, faculty recommendations, resume, statement of objectives) which are waived and not required
  • Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) requirement is waived
  • Six credits of Essential Courses (MBA prerequisites) requirement is waived
  • Complete a Florida Tech MBA degree in less time than you would via a traditional program

Admission Requirements

  1. Meet with your EFSC SmartTrack coordinator to complete the SmartTrack Application and receive an official EFSC SmartTrack endorsement
  2. An official certified transcript must be sent to the Florida Tech’s Office of Graduate Admission by the registrar for each college or university attended
  3. Applicants understand, that if accepted, up to 6 hours of Florida Tech graduate credits will be applied to their Eastern Florida State College bachelor’s degree and affect their undergraduate GPA.  If the applicants receive an EFSC bachelor’s degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA and receive a grade of A or B in the MBA graduate courses, the applicants can request those credit hours be transferred to their MBA graduate degree, although applicants’ Florida Tech graduate GPA will not be affected

Core Courses

The MBA degree requires completion of a common set of core courses including the capstone course in strategic management. These required courses are designed to prepare the student to respond to the complex business decisions that arise in today’s rapidly changing environment. As such, these courses incorporate either case studies or projects that require extensive qualitative and/or quantitative analysis.

BUS 5421 Managerial Economics - 3 credits
Provides an understanding of the microeconomic forces that influence firm decision-making. Includes competitive markets and market failure, benefit-cost analysis, demand estimation and forecasting, decision making under risk and uncertainty, production and cost estimation, and market structure analysis.

BUS 5450 Organizational Behavior – 3 credits
Presents existing research, theories and models explaining how individual and group behavior and processes shape the internal dynamics of organizations. Provides the foundation to understand contemporary debates concerning alternative organizational designs and management practices.

SmartTrack Eligibility

To be eligible, students must be EFSC undergraduates in select business majors with a 3.3 cumulative GPA who have completed 95 credits toward their degree.

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