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University Experience (FYE 1000)

About FYE 1000

You will learn about resources and opportunities to take advantage of during your first year at Florida Tech while connecting with your classmates and the campus community.

The FYE 1000 course is:

  • a one-credit first-year seminar
  • a graduation requirement
  • a place to get to know your home away from home

Note: If you received equivalent transfer credit for FYE 1000 or if you are an entering transfer student with more than 30 transfer credits, you are not required to take this course. 

Format of the Course

Classes meet twice a week during the first nine weeks of the semester. Class participation and attendance account for approximately half of the final grade.

 Interest-Based Themes

Wouldn't it be nice to know that you already had something in common with your classmates (and your instructor) before walking into class on the first day? 

When you register for the FYE 1000 course online, you will see a theme associated with each class section. Although the majority of the content covered in each class/section of the course is standardized, the interest-based themes make each classroom experience somewhat unique. Throughout the semester, your instructor will weave the theme into class discussions and activities. 

So... what kind of themes are we talking about? Here are some examples of themed-sections:

  • Panther Pride (this is our general theme)
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Harry Potter
  • Astrology Fun
  • Women in STEM
  • Enginerds Unite
  • Musically Inclined
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
  • All Things Disney
  • Let's Fly (for aviation students)
  • Star Wars
  • Dungeons & Dragons
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