Harris Center for Science & Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering Research

Computer Engineering

Research in computer engineering focuses on areas related to hardware/software systems including embedded systems, machine intelligence, speech processing, scientific high-performance computing, and wireless communications and networks. Students are involved in research projects dealing with hardware security, wireless sensor networks, algorithm development for intelligent and data-intensive systems, analysis and design of computer communications and networks, and development of large-scale, secure and dependable computer systems.


Applied and computational research is conducted in order to understand and manipulate electromagnetic fields. We are interested in the interaction between fields and matter, specifically the coupling of infrared and optical fields with other resonant responses such as polaritons, periodic structures and molecules. The ability to model electromagnetic properties of complex structures requires full-wave analysis with finite element, method of moments or finite difference techniques. Antennas, waveguides, metamaterials and bandgap structures are designed and analyzed using computational tools, then tested for validation. Applications include sensing, imaging, photonic-integrated circuits and communications.

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