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The university is closely monitoring Hurricane Idalia. Official messages will appear below as they are released.

Advisory #2

3:15 p.m.
Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2023

Given Hurricane Idalia’s path through the Gulf of Mexico and anticipated limited impact to the Melbourne area, Florida Tech plans normal operations for the remainder of the week, with classes meeting as scheduled.

The forecast does indicate the possibility of gusty wind and some rain for the local area, and students, faculty and staff should be mindful of weather conditions and use good judgment regarding their personal safety. Employees with any safety concerns in reporting to work should contact their supervisor. Students with any safety concerns regarding class attendance should discuss them with their professors.

The following summary is provided as a courtesy from Dr. Steven Lazarus, Meteorology Professor, Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences; and Prof. Michael Splitt, Assistant Professor of Meteorology, College of Aeronautics.

Summary of Hurricane Idalia

*The 2:00 pm hurricane discussion indicates that the storm has increased intensity to 90 mph (with higher gusts) and is moving north at a pretty good clip (15 mph)

*The hurricane force winds (sustained >64 kt) are in a relatively small radius – extending outward (from the center) about 15 miles (see graphic below)

*The tropical storm force winds (sustained > 34 kt) extend out about 160 miles from the center

*The squalls from the outer rainbands are currently moving onshore in SW Florida (see image below)

Local Info

*Melbourne/Florida Tech National Weather Service point forecast indicates peak sustained winds around 25 mph with gusts around 40 mph 

(maximum around 1 pm tomorrow, after the storm makes it way north of our area). The winds are forecast to slowly subside and are on the order of 15 mph by Thursday morning.

*The precipitation chances peak (70%) between 11 am and 7 pm tomorrow. Total precipitation appears to be relatively light – somewhere between 0.5 to 1 inch.

*The cumulative probability of exceeding the low end sustained tropical storm force winds (34 kt) is 23% (down from >40% yesterday).

The peak (12 % probability) is between 2:00 am-8:00 am tonight. See graphic below.

*Landfall is predicted just north of Cedar Key around 8 am tomorrow.

Idalia rain, wind, gusts, charts and graphs

Idalia radar imagery

Idalia sattelite imagery 8-29


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