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Safety Alerts

Florida Tech uses a system called Regroup to deliver safety and emergency alert notifications university-wide.

The Department of Security uses Regroup to:

  • Post alerts to the university’s homepage.
  • Share alerts via the university's primary social media accounts.
  • Communicate with the Florida Tech community directly via phone, text message and email.

University Email Alerts

Every student and employee with a university-provided email account will receive safety alerts in their inbox. No action is needed to receive these alerts as all emails are added automatically. Regroup delivers the messages via official, internal distribution lists ("employeedist" and "studentdist"). This ensures that all students and employees will receive emergency alerts via university email. Individuals may not opt-out of communications sent to these distribution lists.

Opt-In Alerts For Non-University Email, Text And Phone

This service is open to Florida Tech students and employees, as well as parents, alumni, campus neighbors, and other members of the extended Florida Tech Family. Signing up within Regroup allows you to receive safety and security alerts via:

  • Non-University email
  • Text message
  • Phone (recorded voice message)

Multiple phone numbers and email addresses may be used.

Use the form below to sign up or manage your individual Regroup preferences.

Sign-Up for Safety Alerts

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