Ingrid Bradley

Instructor | School of Arts and Communication

Contact Information
(321) 674-8197
Frederick C. Crawford Bldg, 302

Personal Overview

Words have the power to heal, change, and determine our destiny.  As an instructor in communications, I hope to coach people how to find the treasures within them so they can connect with purpose and intent in personal, academic and business settings.

Passionate about communications, art, photography, the oceans, science, sailing, surfing, and teaching.

Educational Background

Doctoral Student, Murray State University, English Pedagogy with Writing Empasis, Current

Master of Arts, English Communications, St. Mary's University, San Antonio, Texas 1985

Bachelor of Arts, Radio & Television Production/Communications, University of Central Florida, Orlando 1981

Defense Information School 1982

Oklahoma Short Course in Communications 1984

Squadron Officers School, US Air Force, 1983

Reserve Officer Training School 1979-81

Professional Experience

Aide, Senator James B. Allen, Washington DC

Tour director & cosmetic model, Headquarters, Merl Norman Cosmetics, Los Angeles

Photographer, film developer, House of Representatives, Washington DC

Air Force Public Affairs Officer 1981-1998

Associate Vice President, Communications, Eastern Florida State College, 1998-2007

College instructor communications 1998-present

Online college instructor English & Communications 2007-present

Owner, Bradley Communications (consulting, writing, and art)

Marketing manager and financial director, Bradley Groves

Freelance writer Southwinds Sailing Magazine & Space Coast Living & Space Coast Business magazines 2007-present

Current Courses

Business and Professional Communications

Scientific and Technical Writing

Public Relations

Interpersonal Communications

Composition I

Organizational Communications

Intercultural Communications

Executive Speech Communications

Report Writing

American Literature

Nonverbal Communications

Selected Publications

Southwinds Magazine, Hiram's Haul, 2015
Space Coast Home Magazine – three articles in 2012
Space Coast Health Magazine – two articles in 2012
Economic Outlook 2008, Space Coast Business Magazine, May 2008
Luke & Associates, Space Coast Business Magazine, May 2008
Education & Manufacturing, Space Coast Business Magazine, April 2008
Education & Manufacturing, Space Coast Business, April 2008
Style Guide, Brevard Community College, 2003-2006
Recruiting brochures, magazines, annual reports, 1999-2007
“Missileer” weekly newspaper, 1994-1997
“Wingspread” weekly newspaper, 1987-1991
“Talespinner” weekly newspaper, 1982-1984
New York Museum of Art, Photographs on display—Military Working Dog, 1983
“Air Reservist Magazine,” Military Training Instructors, 1982
“Ebony Magazine.” Photographs of military training instructor, 1982.
“Broken Promises,” speech and marketing message effect on student recruitment, 1992
“Branding and Corporate Image,” Brevard Community College, 2003-2006
“News Media Relationships,” Brevard Community College, 2004-2007

Recognition & Awards

Public Relations Professional of the Year, Spacecoast FPRA

Outstanding Air Force Public Affairs Officer of the Year

Publications and Advertising Awards, Eastern Florida State College

Speech Writing Award, Eastern Florida State College

Outstanding Public Affairs Television Programming, Eastern Florida State College

Air Force & DoD Photography Awards

Air Force Meritorious Service Medals (4); Air Force Commendation Medal (5); War Campaign Award (1); Marxmanship Award (1); Distinguished Air Force ROTC Graduate Awar

Adviser, FIT Florida Public Relations Association Chapter

Adviser, FIT Sailing Club (effective Fall 2016)

Writers Den

Writer, Southwinds Magazine