Your Guide To Advanced Credit

Prospective U.S. and international freshman and transfer students who have completed advanced credit coursework or demonstrated proficiency in certain subject areas through placement or equivalency examinations may receive college credit for their work upon enrolling at Florida Tech. This applies to students with prior flight training as well.

Submit your advanced credit test scores and/or transcripts along with other required application materials.

Whether your advanced credit or test scores are accepted depends on the type of course or test, the subject, your score, and if there is an appropriate Florida Tech equivalent. This determination is made by the Office of the Registrar.

College Course Credit

Prior credit for college coursework earned at a regionally accredited college or university will undergo a transfer credit evaluation by the Office of the Registrar. Students who have earned credit from Eastern Florida State College may consult our  to see which courses may transfer directly to Florida Tech.

Examination Credit

Credit is awarded for passing scores as detailed on the following policy pages:

Prior Flight Training

Entering freshman with previous flight training and at least the FAA Private Pilot Certificate will be given the opportunity for advanced placement. Credit for certain flight and ground courses may be given for attainment of satisfactory on designated equivalency examinations and by logbook review and flight evaluation.

Students entering with prior flight certificates (Private, Instrument, Commercial) will take the written knowledge equivalency exam of the highest flight rating they have achieved. Once this exam is passed, the student will receive credit for that exam, as well as all of the lower flight rating credits, if any. The written exam satisfies the corresponding ground school. For flight equivalency, the Chair of Flight Education Committee will utilize an assessment or a variety of assessments to gauge the student’s flight capabilities.