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Freshman Admissions

Applying For Undergraduate Admission

Applying for undergraduate admission to Florida Tech is simple. There is no fee and applications are accepted on a rolling basis, year-round. If you are a prospective freshman or transfer student who wishes to enroll in full-time study in a Melbourne campus program, you may choose one of the following application methods:

Each application has its own sign-up process and login requirements. If you intend to apply to more than one university that is a Common Application member, we highly recommend using the Common Application. If you decide to use the Florida Tech Application, please see the initial instructions below.

The application process varies slightly for international students. Please follow the applicable instructions so that we may review your application in a timely manner.

No Deadline - Apply Anytime

There is no deadline to apply for undergraduate admission to Florida Tech. Our rolling admission policy means that we accept and review applications for multiple entry terms all throughout the year. Students who wish to enroll as freshman may submit an application as early as the end of your junior year of high school, as long as your final grades have been posted and you have taken the SAT or ACT.

Things To Remember

For each of the applications, you will need easy access to your:

  • Permanent address, mailing address and phone
  • Degree/major program name/code
  • High school (freshman) or previous college (transfer) information

Submitting an application form does not alone constitute a "complete application." In order for your application to be reviewed, you must also submit:

  • Official high school and/or college transcripts
  • Standardized test (SAT or ACT) results (optional for international students)

We also recommend that you include an essay and one letter of recommendation.

After you submit a complete application form, you will receive occasional email reminders about any outstanding application materials via email. An admission counselor may call you to offer assistance as well.

Florida Tech Application - Initial Instructions

1. Create a Login ID (maximum 9 characters) and PIN. Then log in.

Screen capture of the first step of the banner application

2. Select "Application Type." Choose the freshman or transfer application that applies to you. Then hit "Continue."

 Florida Tech application screen capture step two

3. Complete and submit your application. On the next several screens, you will choose the term in which you wish to enroll and your major.