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Freshman Admissions

Freshman Admissions

More Affordable Than You Think

Everyone worries about affording college. Especially when it comes to the cost of a private university education. So as you progress in your college search and selection, remember that a university's published tuition is rarely the same as a student's out-of-pocket costs. Families who are proactively engaged in the admissions and financial aid processes almost never pay full tuition.

Florida Tech is proud to be able to make substantial contributions, in the form of need-based grants and merit-based scholarships, to offset our students' costs. As a result, the majority of our students find that the net cost of their Florida Tech education is far less than the published tuition—and in many cases, over 50% less. 

Never count Florida Tech out based solely on cost. Apply for admission. File the FAFSA. You may be surprised by the personalized financial aid package that arrives in your mailbox. This is especially important for students who have put Florida Tech at the top of their list. Keep your eye on the prize, not the price! 

Tuition, Fees And Other Costs

The links below open official, current policies about tuition, fees and other costs associated with enrolling at Florida Tech. Please note that the tuition information listed is "per semester" unless otherwise indicated:

For a better idea of what your out-of-pocket costs will look like as a freshman, check out the Florida Tech Net Price Calculator. (Applies to first-year, full-time, U.S. students only.)