Admission Requirements

The Office of Undergraduate Admission carefully reviews all candidates for freshman or first-year admission by keeping our focus on your future. If you are accepted to Florida Tech, we want you to succeed and to graduate on-time, well-prepared for the career of your dreams!

"What We Look At" covers required information and materials while "What We Look For" provides an overview of the academic (and other) requirements for admission.

 Transfer and international students may have additional or alternative admission requirements.

What We Look At

Every application for admission to Florida Tech is more than "just an application." It is a packet of information that altogether illustrates your potential to succeed as a Florida Tech student. In other words, we do not consider just one factor. We thoughtfully consider all of the information you provide.

General Requirements

Your application for undergraduate admission to a Melbourne campus major program must include a completed application as well as:

  • Transcript(s) from a regionally accredited or state approved high school
  • Standardized test results - SAT or ACT 
    • Oct. 20, 2020: Applicants may request an exemption from this requirement due to COVID-19 impacts. Exemption from this requirement does not imply automatic admission to the university.
  • Essay (recommended but not required)
  • Letter of recommendation (recommended but not required)

To have your SAT scores sent to Florida Tech, use code 5080. For the ACT, use 0716.

G.E.D. Students

  • Applicants who present G.E.D. scores must also present secondary school records.

Homeschool Students

Required application materials vary slightly for home schooled students. Home schooled applicants must submit:

  • Transcript of academic work including an assessment of the level attained in mathematics and the sciences and the texts that were used
  • A self-descriptive, one-page essay that addresses academic, community and athletic accomplishments, career goals and work experience
  • Standardized test results*
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation

*Although SAT II (Subject Exam) scores are not required, it is strongly suggested that SAT II results in Mathematics Level 2, Chemistry, Physics and Literature be submitted. 

What We Look For

Above all else, we look for evidence in support of your readiness to undertake a rigorous curriculum in your major of choice at Florida Tech. We want to be as sure as possible that you will succeed in your classes, graduate on time, and be well-prepared for a great job. With this as our goal, we assess the following: 

Academic Preparation

Transcripts are the most important element of your application because your academic performance in high school is the best predictor of future success at Florida Tech. More than anything else, we need to see that you have completed a strong high school curriculum and demonstrated achievement in college preparatory classes. 

Florida Tech does not specify a minimum required grade point average, class rank or standardized test score, but these elements are duly evaluated for admission and merit scholarship consideration.

Engineering and science applicants

Your high school transcripts should indicate a minimum: 

  • Four years of math, including trigonometry, mathematics analysis, analyticial geometry or precalculus; and
  • Four years of science, including physics and chemistry.

Pro Tip: Take the most rigorous math and science curriculum offered by your high school!

Aeronautics, business, psychology and liberal arts applicants

Your high school transcripts should indicate at least:

  • Three years of mathematics (four recommended); and
  • Three years of science (four recommended).

Extracurricular Involvement

On your application, be sure to indicate your participation in special classes, clubs or teams that involve academic competition, research projects or advanced problem-solving activities. This tells us you'll be right at home in our hands-on, project-oriented learning environment.