Lifelong Scholar Society

Florida Tech’s Lifelong Scholar Society is a community of curious minds who are passionate about sharing knowledge. Throughout the year, the society hosts a series of lectures. Due to COVID-19, lectures will be virtual until it is safe for social gatherings. Topics range from historical writers and contemporary art to the Florida habitat, space exploration, and more. Join us and become part of a world of exciting people!

Upcoming Lectures:

Thursday, September 30, 6 PM EDT

Title: Business Impact, Response, and Agility during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Description of Lecture: This lecture will present current research by Dr. Reed on strategic agility and its leverage by businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. The presentation will include data just collected from a nationwide study, looking at how businesses were impacted and responded, both operationally and strategically, to COVID-19 and the result on their performance. Lessons learned should be widely applicable to other forms of economic and environmental turbulence.

Presented by: Dr. Jonathan Reed

About the Presenter: Dr. Jonathan Reed is a management consultant, educator, and former corporate executive. He is President of Strategy First, a local consulting firm that helps organizations with strategic planning and management processes. He is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Florida Tech’s Nathan M. Bisk College of Business. And previously, he was Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at Harris Corporation. Dr. Reed’s research interests are in the areas of strategic agility and strategic fit, two topics very relevant and timely in the COVID-19 pandemic era.


Thursday, October 14, 6 PM EDT

Title: Tailwinds! A deep dive into aviation weather observations.

Description of Lecture: This lecture will discuss how aviators produce and use aviation weather observations for flight planning and real-time decision-making. Insights from past and ongoing research efforts at Florida Tech sponsored by the FAA will highlight this exploration into weather information used by pilots.

Presented by: Mr. Michael E. Splitt

About the Presenter: Mr. Michael E. Splitt obtained a B.S. in Meteorology at Northern Illinois University in 1986. After working at the National Weather Service in Muskegon, Michigan, he headed to graduate school in Oklahoma to continue his studies in meteorology and chase tornadoes. Mr. Splitt earned an M.S. in Meteorology (1991) and was certified in secondary science education (1992). As an assistant site scientist for the Atmospheric Radiation Measurements (ARM) Program Southern Great Plains Site in Oklahoma, he focused on instrumentation quality control for various sensors, including atmospheric soundings systems, surface radiometers, and surface flux systems, and water vapor sensors. He also provided weather forecast guidance for intensive observation periods, which included aircraft operations. Mr. Splitt transitioned to the University of Utah in 1998, where he worked on what is now known as MesoWest and was part of the weather support team for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. He joined Florida Tech in 2003 and became faculty in the College of Aeronautics in 2016. 

Mr. Splitt has published in several different areas, and his diverse research interests include:

  • aviation meteorology
  • tropical cyclone wind probabilities
  • air-sea interaction
  • meteorological aspects of thunderstorms producing transient luminous events such as gigantic jets and terrestrial gamma-ray flashes
  • currently involved as an investigator in the FAA PEGASUS program along with other Florida Tech Faculty


Thursday, November 4, 6 PM EDT

Title: The New Independent Scientist: A Case Study for Cultivating a Path Outside of Academia

Description of Lecture: The talk will be about how they started as independent scientists, what led them to Puerto Rico, and how they found their niche and built their company. The talk will also introduce some of the current projects and research that they have underway. A version of this presentation has been given to undergraduate students to help showcase a new angle for a career after graduate school that is not the traditional academic, government, or non-profit sector.

Presented by: Dr. Chelsea Harms-Tuohy and Captain Evan Tuohy

About the Presenters: Dr. Chelsea Harms-Tuohy and Captain Evan Tuohy are the co-founders of Isla Mar Research Expeditions, marine science education and research company in Puerto Rico. They started their business while still in graduate school and have since grown into an independent scientific company with offerings that include field course hosting, scientific diving and training, technical diving, and chartering their dive vessel for scientific research.