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Fundraising Events

Florida Tech Panthers love to gather for fun and education and to raise and celebrate philanthropy. Below are several of our flagship events.


The F. Alan Smith Distinguished Lecture Series founded by Trustee Alan Smith, was created to attract national leaders in a wide range of industries, typically those impacting transportation, and other subject experts to speak to students, faculty and community members at  Florida Institute of Technology. At least one executive speaker is welcomed to campus every Fall and Spring semester. Speakers address topics such as innovation in the automotive industry and self-driving cars, the hyperloop and high-speed rail, and innovations that impact business and the quality of life from space, land and sea exploration and travel.

An Evening of Hope Every year, this event provides a night of elegance and celebration as we raise support for Florida Tech's renowned autism center to provide needed care and support for families, education of the nation's leading Autism treatment providers and research to advance the field of behavioral therapies to help reduce and someday eliminate the impacts of an autism diagnosis.


Taste of the Season: Taste of the Season is our celebration of all our leadership donors who support the Galaxy Society and above. 


Chopper Dropper This event raises support for Florida Tech Athletics. Every year, we sell 2000 golf balls which are dropped from a helicopter. One lucky person wins $50,000 and numerous other prizes are awarded.  Come enjoy the camaraderie, food and music of this fun event.



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