Giving to Florida Tech

Giving to Florida Tech

Giving Time And Talent

Your experience, talents, and the wisdom you have gained in your own lives can be your greatest gifts to the university. We invite you to consider volunteering to participate on an advisory board or to coach future and current Florida Tech students through their college decision, choice of a major, senior projects and career searches.

With your knowledge and expertise you have the power to:

  • Add unique and lasting value to to students' Florida Tech experience
  • Help the university to attract, engage and enroll highly promising students
  • Increase the reach and impact of Florida Tech's regional and affiliation networks

If you're ready, please let us know your interest in volunteering now.

Advisory Boards

We are grateful for the leaders of our various college and university advisory boards. Your insights are incredibly helpful to our leadership.

Coaching Students—Real Life 101

The Real Life 101 programs introduce alumni to students for individualized and targeted coaching.

Capstone Coaching

Experience the fun of working with groups of students who have the same meaningful capstone learning experience you may have had.

Capstone Coaches assist individuals and teams of students as they work on their student design projects (engineering) and other capstone projects. The commitment involves approximately 5-7 sessions with the students(s) to help them brainstorm, overcome obstacles, develop business plans and hone their presentation skills.

Eligible volunteers have been, project leaders in their companies or have specialized skills that are particularly relevant to the projects they are paired to support.

Discovery Visits (Coming Soon)

Discovery visits are designed for freshman and sophomore students who are trying to figure out exactly what field they hope to pursue. For them, a conversation with an alum or friend of the university can make a difference. Discovery visits give you the chance to talk about what you love about your work (and sometimes what you don’t love quite as much). The goal is to help students make good decisions on their career paths.

Eligible participants include anyone who can speak with knowledge and passion about their field.

Mock Interviews

You’ve learned what employers look for when they interview candidates and in fact, you know what YOU look for in candidates. Now you have a chance to share that wisdom with students.

Every summer, we pair alumni and friends with students to conduct Real Life 101 mock interviews. The mock interviews are practice sessions and a chance to go over resume and cover letter writing. Mock interviews are generally paired to be within 30 miles or so to allow them to be in-person, but can also be over video-conference. We try to pair as closely as possible by field of expertise.

Eligible volunteers are those who currently or in the past have interviewed people for jobs in their companies.

Prospective Student Visits

It can be great fun to meet with high school students and their families who have applied to Florida Tech and to help our admissions team by sharing the kind of community and experience we offer.  We look for students who have the relentless determination to succeed and make a difference in the world. We believe we offer the highest quality education--our focus is on them. And we believe we are successful because we are a tight community.

Prospective Student Visits pair current Florida Tech candidates who have been accepted with an alum or parent who lives near them. Some invite the student and their families to their house for coffee or meet them for lunch or dinner. The goal is to make the student feel welcomed and to let them know that we are excited by their interest and success in the application process. An alum reaching out says a great deal about Florida Tech, and while you may not know what life on campus is like today, you do know what the school and it's programs did for you and can share what you feel makes Florida Tech special and encourage them that there is a growing and strong network of alumni ready to greet them when they complete their degrees.

Parents of current students can also visit with prospective students. They do have some great immediate experience with the school to share and it can be fun for parents to know other parents near them (maybe even develop ride sharing relationships for coming home!)

Eligible volunteers are any alums or parents who have a passion for Florida Tech. Let us know if you would like to be available for such visits and help recruit stellar classes to the university.