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Honors Activities

Honors College students are part of a community of scholars that share experiences in and outside of the classroom. Honors activities provide opportunities for students to learn from faculty, alumni, guest speakers and their peers. Students can earn required Honors activity hours by participating in activities that foster mentorship, leadership, civic engagement and a global mindset. The list below includes examples of activities sponsored by the Honors College as well as study abroad and certificate programs. Information about activities will be shared with Honors College students through email, Engage, and the Honors College newsletter.

Shared Honors Experiences

Honors College Reading Group

We are excited to launch the Honors Reading Group this fall. Each semester, Honors College students are invited to read and discuss works focused on a central theme such as the legacy of race in America in Toni Morrison’s Beloved (1987), Octavia Butler’s Kindred (1979), and Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me (2015).  

Lectures, Panel Discussions and Colloquia

Florida Tech faculty, invited faculty and industry leaders present formal lectures and participate in panel discussions and colloquia that include Q&A sessions with Honors College students.

Lunch and Learn Sessions

Speakers deliver presentations to groups of Honors College students on topics relating to their fields of expertise, career trajectories and tools for success.

TED Talks

Honors College students attend sessions where they participate in screenings of TED Talks and discussions moderated by faculty members and peers.

Alumni and Peer Mentoring Programs

Florida Tech alumni serve as mentors to students in the Honors College in conjunction with the Future Professionals program. Honors students with experience in the program serve as peer mentors to first-year students in the Honors College.

Civic Engagement Activities

Honors College students are encouraged to participate in community- and service-based activities representing the college and university (e.g., Relay for Life, Habitat for Humanity and partnerships with local schools).

Honors Council

Florida Tech Student Honors Council members are student leaders that work with administrators, faculty, staff and their peers on Honors activities. Florida Tech’s Honors College is a member of the Florida Collegiate Honors Council. Students can participate in the council's annual conference in paper and poster presentations and by leading sessions. 

Field Trips

Honors College students are invited to join field trips within and outside of Florida. Examples include Disney Youth Education Series Leadership Seminars and tours of Kennedy Space Center.

Study Abroad

Honors College students are encouraged to take part in study abroad opportunities, including the Oxford Study Abroad Program, which count toward Honors activities requirements. For more information, visit the study abroad page and contact Heather Wautlet, Director of Study Abroad, at

Cultural Competency Certificate

Honors College students can earn Honors activity hours by completing the non-credit program in Cultural Competency that certifies undergraduate students are prepared for the global workforce through the development and cultivation of knowledge and awareness about diverse cultures and groups of people. For more information, visit the cultural competency certificate page and contact Nancy Garmer, Assistant Dean of User Experience at Florida Tech’s Evans Library, Program Chair, Quality Enhancement Program (QEP), at

Florida Tech Future Professionals Certificate

Honors College students can earn Honors activity hours by completing the non-credit Future Professionals Certificate that prepares undergraduate students for entering the workforce . For more information, visit the future professionals page and contact

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