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Honors College

About the Honors College

Florida Tech’s Honors College recognizes the talents and initiative of high-performing students in the College of Aeronautics, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business, College of Engineering and Science, and College of Psychology and Liberal Arts. Students in the Honors College have the opportunity to enroll in interdisciplinary seminars, advance study in their disciplines, work with faculty members on independent research projects, and participate in social and cultural activities that foster a global mindset, civic engagement, and professional and personal development.

Honors College students take an interdisciplinary Honors Seminar and a range of Honors courses that satisfy the General Education Core and program requirements. Honors courses are often smaller sections to facilitate a discussion-based format and encourage in-depth explorations of topics. Students are able to work with faculty members offering Honors options to non-Honors courses, expanding their skills in directed research, and on independent research projects.

Beyond the classroom, Honors College students are part of a community of scholars with shared and diverse interests. Programmatic activities are a cornerstone of the Honors experience at Florida Tech, guiding the development of Honors students and the Honors College. Students will have the opportunity to expand their studies through lectures, panel discussions and colloquia with faculty members, alumni and guest speakers. Mentorship and leadership opportunities promote personal and professional development in addition to extra-curricular activities that also inspire students to become involved within local and global communities.     

The Honors experience at Florida Tech provides a range of opportunities that can be customized to suit students across majors.

Honors College Faculty

Assistant Vice President, Honors CollegeDr. Lisa Perdigao, Associate Provost of the Honors College at Florida Tech

Dr. Lisa K. Perdigao is the Assistant Vice President for the Honors College. A graduate of Boston College’s undergraduate Honors Program and M.A. Program, Dr. Perdigao received a Ph.D. in English from Northeastern University where she taught Honors courses. Prior to her involvement with Florida Tech’s Honors College, she was the Humanities Program Chair in the School of Arts and Communication. Dr. Perdigao has been recognized for her contributions in teaching, research, and service at Florida Tech. She received the Kerry Bruce Clark Award for Excellence in Teaching (2008), Charles E. Helmstetter Award for Excellence in Research (2014), and the Andrew W. Revay Jr. Award for Excellence in Service (2019). Dr. Perdigao oversees Honors College programming, works directly with students, faculty, and administrators, and teaches Honors courses.

Honors Faculty Fellows