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Residence Hall & Apartment FAQS

Are There Any Restrictions About What I Can Have In My Room/Apartment?

Yes. Due to power restrictions and safety concerns, there are a number of items that are prohibited from the residence halls. A listing of those items can be found the Florida Tech Student Handbook.  

Additionally, every room/apartment comes equipped with a refrigerator/micro-fridge and an approved microwave unit (Mary Star of the Sea & Southgate Apartments do not provide a microwave). Additional refrigerator units or microwaves are prohibited. Residents living in Mary Star of the Sea & Southgate may bring their own microwave provided that it meets the power restrictions designated in the Student Handbook (No more than 15amps, 700Watts).

What amenities come with my residence hall room or apartment?

Every room/ apartment comes equipped with cable/Internet connection and a phone line (Mary Star of the Sea does not provide a phone line). With the growing increase of cellular phones, the campus rooms/apartments are not equipped with a phone, so students looking to utilize the phone line for campus or long distance calls will need to bring their own preferred unit.

What is a Check In / Check Out Form and why is it important?

The Check In / Check Out Form (CICO) is an electronic record of the condition of your specific room/apartment. Prior to your arrival to campus, the Residence Life Staff inspect your room and record any pre-existing damage (i.e. Scratches on the desk surface) and note the condition of the furniture present (i.e. new vs old). Residents are given until the conclusion of the Labor Day Holiday to meet with their Resident Assistant (RA) and review the CICO to verify that it is an accurate description of your room apartment.

The CICO is then kept on file until you check out of your room. When you check out of your room, a Resident Assistant will inspect the room and compare its condition to the CICO. Any damage or alterations to the room that do not appear on the CICO are classified as “new damage.” You may be billed by Campus Services for any new damages.

What is a Resident Assistant (RA) and how can he/she help me?

The Resident Assistant, more commonly referred to as an RA, is a student employed by the Residence Life Department. The RA is trained to answer questions you may have about the university, provide referrals to campus resources, mediate roommate conflicts, ensure the cleanliness and safety of the building and enforce the policies and procedures found in the Florida Tech Student Handbook.

RAs are also charged with developing a fun, social community.  To accomplish this goal, RAs plan a variety of programs to help bring the community together.  RA programs are social and often educational venues that will allow you to socialize with your peers and make the most of your residential experience.  Information about upcoming programs are posted in the halls and residents can also inquire with their RA or stop by the RA Duty Office to find out more about events taking place on-campus.  

What can I do if my roommate and I do not get along?

The Florida Tech Housing and Residence Life Offices hope that every roommate grouping will yield positive relationships and experiences for students. However, Florida Tech also recognizes that sometimes roommates are unable to reach a compromise for effectively sharing a living space. If you and your roommate are unable to exist peacefully in the room/apartment, you should notify your RA.  If you wish to move-in with a friend that has a vacant bedspace in their unit, please contact Campus Services located at Harris Commons.  

Please note that no room changes will be approved during the first three and last three weeks of the semester.

What are the rules for living on campus? How do I know what I can and can’t do?

The Residence Life Staff encourages you to have fun, meet other people and make the most of your Florida Tech experience. Living on campus can be just as educational and fulfilling as academics, and just like academics, there are rules and guidelines to campus life. The Florida Tech Student Handbook will serve as your “syllabus” for a safe and fulfilling collegiate experience.

Questions regarding the contents of the Student Handbook can be directed to the Director for Residence Life.

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