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Computer Information Systems, M.S.

Computer Information Systems, M.S.

Get a Master's in Computer Information Systems

Computer Information Systems MS

The master of science in computer information systems at Florida Tech emphasizes problem-solving in the computing field, paying special attention to software and services construction, database integration, design and maintenance of data-driven systems, and knowledge of emerging technologies on a wide variety of platforms. This can include mobile and enterprise systems, wireless, and system administration.

Graduates with a computer information systems degree develop in-depth technical expertise in areas such as computer programming, database management, system design, implementation, and maintenance. The program also prepares students for many other segments of the industry, including:

This advanced proficiency across multiple disciplines in the field provides employers with a top-level professional trained for analysis, design, and implementation of complex technologies in the enterprise. This program also prepares graduates with a master’s in computer information systems program to enter a doctoral program.

Research Experience

As a leading research university, graduate students pursue research topics that align with their career goals. This is an applied degree with coursework, programming, and personalized learning that extends beyond classroom studies into computer information systems research. The Research Recap gives students an opportunity to delve deeper into many advanced topics. Whenever possible, students are encouraged to engage in studies that make a contribution to the field and publish their work in prominent journals.

Why Pursue a Master's in Computer Information Systems at Florida Tech?

Florida Tech graduates with a master's in computer information systems are prepared for a variety of technical positions. This program provides the expertise they need to advance into a number of different careers including system administrator, network administrator, systems analyst, software engineer and computer programmer. Florida Tech engineering and technical degree programs empower future leaders; where "High Tech with a Human Touch," is at the heart of every degree.

Curriculum That Transfers to the Workplace

As new technological advances are developed and companies seek team members with advanced expertise, Florida Tech consistently updates degree programs to give students relevant curriculum that reflects prevailing trends, theoretical applications and best practices in the industry. Labs, programming assignments and research papers prepare students seeking a master's in computer information systems with comprehensive technical training.


Through the capstone research experience, students in the master's in computer information systems program participate in a faculty research project to gain not only advanced research skills, but also a better understanding of the type of complex challenges they may face on the job. This could include research in enterprise modeling, virtualized computer environments and more.

High-Tech Research Facilities

Florida Tech's research university status ensures that students have the tools and facilities they need to conduct research in their preferred area of expertise. Florida Tech's advanced research centers and laboratories are home to essential engineering equipment and software.

What Computer Information Systems research or other opportunities can I expect?

Students in the computer information systems degree program at Florida Tech are immersed in the technical aspects of computing. Unlike more traditional business-oriented information systems programs, Florida Tech’s curriculum is focused on in-depth mastery of computer programming, database management, and systems design. Designed for students to gain advanced technical proficiency, courses include laboratory work, programming assignments, or a research paper in the computing field. This applied approach is how Florida Tech prepares graduates to develop critical thinking and analysis skills that prepare them to excel in their career.

Capstone Research Experience

Through the capstone research experience, students pursuing a master’s in computer information systems participate in a faculty research project to gain not only advanced research skills, but also a better understanding of the type of complex challenges they may face on the job.

The capstone research experience is a hands-on approach that pushes students to reveal their own solution-oriented ideas. Students collaborate with professors to apply their knowledge and creativity. Advanced research topics in the industry can include:

Through study and experiences such as this, students in the computer information systems degree program tackle complex challenges to become knowledgeable leaders who understand every aspect of what it means to manage systems in a business environment.

Get Published

Students also stay abreast of trends in the industry through organizations such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the Association for Computing Machinery, and the International Association for Computer Information Systems. Submitting articles for publication by them, not to mention attending conferences and workshops, offer a deeper knowledge of the industry.

How will a master's degree benefit my Computer Information Systems career?

What could my career look like with a degree in Computer Information Systems, M.S.?

Florida Tech’s computer information systems program provides the right mix of comprehensive technical curriculum, research experience, and leadership skills to make graduates highly attractive to employers.

In addition, not many computer information systems colleges are located amid more than 5,000 high-tech companies in one of the largest high-tech workforces in the nation. Many graduates start their careers immediately following a successful Florida Tech internship with companies such as Harris Corporation, Leonardo DRS, Northrop Grumman, or Rockwell Collins.

Information systems careers will continue to grow as companies expand computer technologies, deal with cyber-threats, and comply with government or industry guidelines. Careers in computer information systems can be found in any industry, and can provide a wide range of job options, including many different sub-specialties and areas of expertise. Graduates, including former military personnel, find that this program often assists them in advancing their existing career or transitioning toward a new emerging field in computing.

Florida Tech graduates are trained to qualify for positions in a number of computing jobs including:

With a master’s in computer information systems from Florida Tech, graduates are also prepared for leadership roles on technical teams, including directing computer information staff, supervising programmers and systems analysts, leading software engineers and performing strategic planning and implementation. Other computer information systems colleges might not provide this type of advanced training.

Career Outlook

The US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts employment of computer and information systems managers to grow 15% through 2022. The demand for computing experts will increase as firms continue to expand the use of wireless and mobile networks. Additional employment growth will also come from the demands of cyber security concerns, new technologies in healthcare record keeping, cloud computing advances and changes in the systems and processes in the financial industry.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook provides information on technology management careers as well as hundreds of other occupations, including entry-level education, overall working environment and employment prospects.