General Biology, B.S.

General Biology, B.S.

What Is A General Biology Degree?

Biology BS

Biology at Florida Tech is not just something you study—it's something you do. Florida Tech’s General Biology program allows you to explore the field and follow your interests. Nearby natural resources such as the estuarine habitats of the Indian River Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean's marine ecosystem are ideal for biological research, making Florida Tech one of the country's most attractive places to learn biology.

Small Class Sizes and an Internationally Recognized Faculty Who Give You Personalized Attention

Florida Tech's biology program allows you to follow your interests. Students learn from world-class faculty, who enjoy working closely with students. Florida Tech's small class-sizes encourage a learning environment that is one of mentorship. Undergraduates are encouraged and invited to participate in research, and many leave Florida Tech with a publication as well as a bachelor's degree.

For curriculum and career planning, each student has a faculty advisor. The strong working relationship between students and professors gives you the edge in the job market or graduate-school admissions.

Location, Location, Location

Florida Tech is the perfect place for a General Biology degree. The 130-acre campus is located on the Space Coast (so named because of the presence of NASA and the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, just north of us), minutes away from the diverse, estuarine habitats of the Indian River Lagoon, and the marine ecosystems of the Atlantic Ocean. Our location in a state with so many miles of coastline provides us with many local, state, and national agencies, marine environmental consulting firms, public aquaria, aquaculture companies, private marine-research organizations, and other institutions that offer internships and employment. The Florida Keys and the Everglades are just a short trip away.

The Melbourne / Orlando area has the fifth-largest high-tech workforce in the country, with more than 5,000 high-tech corporations and government and military organizations located nearby. This workforce provides an abundance of internship and employment opportunities.

We also have a rich campus life that includes a wide range of intramural and collegiate sports, clubs, and social activities.

Build Lasting Professional Relationships through Campus Organizations

Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) is the biology honor society for undergraduates that teaches students from all disciplines about biology and its importance, and recognizes students for outstanding academic achievements. This active group holds events such as guest lectures, social events, fishing outings and more. Membership is the perfect way to network with faculty and other students in the biological sciences to learn about internships, research and hands-on activities. Florida Tech also offers opportunities to participate in student government and over 100 other student organizations.

Why Pursue A General Biology Degree At Florida Tech?

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Get the facts about graduate studies at Florida Tech

You have two graduate study opportunities:

  1. On Campus
  2. Download the Grad Guide!

  3. At an Education Center near you
  4. Get the Education Center Brochure

You have three graduate study opportunities:

  1. On Campus
  2. Download the Grad Guide!

  3. At an Education Center near you
  4. Get the Education Center Brochure

  5. 100% Online
  6. Learn more about Florida Tech Online

You have two graduate study opportunities:

  1. On Campus
  2. Download the Grad Guide!

  3. 100% Online
  4. Learn more about Florida Tech Online

You have two graduate study opportunities:

  1. At an Education Center near you
  2. Get the Education Center Brochure

  3. 100% Online
  4. Learn more about Florida Tech Online

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

As we've discussed above, undergraduate students are heavily involved in research, and usually find a home in a research group early in their careers. This research-based focus gives you an opportunity to be published in scientific journals.  You can also build leadership and professional experience through internships and professional organizations.

High-Tech Laboratory Facilities

Students in General Biology have access to the state-of-the-art F. W. Olin Life Sciences Building, a 70,000-square-foot teaching and research laboratory, as well as the the 29,000-square-foot L3Harris Center for Science and Engineering. Olin Life Sciences houses Florida Tech's  Center for High Resolution Microscopy and Imaging.  An aquarium facility in the L3Harris Center provides opportunities for small-scale experimentation under environmentally controlled conditions.

How Will A General Biology Degree Prepare Me For The Future?

Peerless Internship Opportunities

Biology internships are an exciting and hands-on way for Florida Tech students to gain experience in the workplace while completing their degrees. These valuable learning opportunities build skills and a highly competitive resume that equip you for your career. Florida Tech undergraduates have held internships at the American Museum of Natural Science, the Andean Biodiversity Consortium, the Baltimore Aquarium, the Brevard Zoo, EPCOT Center, Sea World Florida, the National Park Service, and the Shedd Aquarium.

Stunning Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Biology students participate in research during and outside of classes. Students can expect to take part in hands-on research in many of Florida's natural environments, including mangroves, seagrass and salt marshes, sand and mud flats, lagoons, reefs, and the Atlantic Ocean.

They may also be invited to join faculty research teams, where they work alongside experienced professors to conduct original research, or volunteer in research labs where they work with faculty, graduate students, and fellow undergraduates on comprehensive research projects in aquaculture, molecular biology, ecology, marine biology, and biochemistry. Current areas of interest include:

    • Coral-reef ecology
    • Climate change                                                            
    • Paleoecology
    • Plant geography of the Amazon / Andes
    • Polar biology
    • Invasive species
    • Plant physiology/molecular biology

What Can You Do With A General Biology Degree?

 Career Outlook

Biology graduates work in both commercial enterprises and government agencies, often doing scientific research and analysis related to conservation and health. Biological science graduates often find their first jobs at research-based non-governmental organizations, zoos and aquariums, state and federal agencies, and schools, museums, and other educational nonprofits.

Employers who have recruited Florida Tech grads for internships and careers in biology include:

  • American Museum of Natural History
  • Andean Biodiversity Consortium
  • Baltimore Aquarium
  • Brevard Zoo
  • EPCOT Center
  • Florida Medical Entomology Lab
  • The Perry Institute for Marine Science
  • Sea World Florida
  • Shedd Aquarium

The US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) publishes a resource called the Occupational Outlook Handbook that provides detailed information about hundreds of jobs, including data about median pay, projected growth in employment, and specifics about what the jobs entail and prerequisites. According to the bureau, job growth for biological scientists was expected to grow more than 20% through 2018.

Career Options

Careers in biology are as varied as they are challenging. Jobs include:

  • Agricultural and food scientist
  • Biochemists and biophysicist
  • Biological engineer and technician
  • Chemist and materials scientist
  • Dentist and orthodontist
  • Environmental scientist
  • Food scientist
  • Geoscientist and hydrologist
  • Health educator and healthcare social worker
  • Marine biologist
  • Medical and clinical laboratory scientist
  • Microbiologist
  • Occupational health and safety specialist
  • Optometrist
  • Pharmacist
  • Physician and surgeon
  • Physical therapist
  • Veterinarian

Graduate and Doctoral Programs

Careers in biology are built on the foundation of a biology degree alone or in combination with graduate studies. General Biology graduates have gone on to pursue master's and doctoral degrees at Florida Tech and other institutions, including:

Medical Schools

  • Boston University
  • Florida State University
  • Howard University
  • Syracuse University
  • University of Maryland
  • University of Miami
  • Washington University

Master’s and Doctoral Degrees

  • Dartmouth College
  • Duke University
  • Emory University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Texas A&M University
  • UC Davis
  • University of Hawaii
  • University of North Carolina
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