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School of Psychology

School of Psychology

Welcome To The School Of Psychology

You may have just discovered the fascinating field of psychology or maybe you have long dreamed of getting a degree in psychology. You may be new to the field or wanting to take the next step. In either case, the School of Psychology at Florida Tech provides an array of option for pursuing your interest in psychology. We offer undergraduate degrees in psychology both on campus and online, master’s degrees in psychology, and doctoral degrees.  And with each psychology degree, there are many ways to tailor your studies to best prepare you for the psychology career of your choice.

Getting your degree in psychology from Florida Tech

What drives people to get a degree in psychology? Usually it is their desire to understand what makes people “tick” and to make a positive difference in the world. At Florida Tech’s School of Psychology, students start having that impact even while pursuing their studies. Through class discussions of case studies, involvement in research studies on perplexing human behavior, or applied work at the numerous internship sites in the area, students are gaining the knowledge and skills needed to understand and work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds. And students are learning form faculty who themselves are making a difference in the world, be it through their meaningful research, professional services, or community activities. Faculty members model and involve students in this work and serve as supportive and challenging mentors in the students’ growth. A degree in psychology provides you with both the knowledge and the analytic and interpersonal skills needed to understand and interact.

Students often ask “what can I do with a degree in psychology?”

By providing concentrations for each of our degrees in psychology, students can tailor the degrees for the career they envision and stand out as more prepared than the typical psychology graduate. Our undergraduate alumni are engaged in a variety of fields, including business, social services, human resources, law enforcement, sales, or advanced studies. Those graduating with master’s degree in psychology or doctoral degrees typically enter professional fields which have been growing and expanding. Our alumni page provides descriptions of some of the interesting and significant work that are alumni are doing.

Psychology Science Minute Podcast

388 Veterans & Mental Health
Research by Lee, Hyunyup., Aldwin, C. M., Soyoung, C., Spiro, Avron. (2019). Written by Shannon Cantalupo, B.S.  We know that for veterans experiencing traumatic events in combat, there is a significant impact on their mental health. What is the ongoing course though their life-span? Psychologists examined whether combat exposure influenced veterans’ depressive and anxiety symptoms [...]

387 Sleep & Screen Time
Research by Przybylski, A. K. (2019). Written by Shannon Cantalupo, B.S Are you a parent who wants your child to get the proper amount of sleep? Does your child spend so much screen time on games, movies, and social media that you worry it interferes with their sleep? American Academy of Pediatrics recommends less than [...]

386 Accents & Friendships
Research by Paquette-Smith, Melissa, Buckler, Helen, White, Katherine S., Choi, Jiyoun, Johnson, Elizabeth K. (2019). Written by Shannon Cantalupo, B.S.  Is it basic human nature to prefer to socialize with people with whom we are familiar? If children have experience with others using different languages, will they more likely choose to play with those with [...]

385 Gender & STEM
Research by Niepel, Christopher, Stadler, M., & Greiff, Samuel. (2019). Written by Shannon Cantalupo, B.S.  Do many still believe the stereotype “boys are better at math than girls”? How does this gender bias affect women? Females score equal to males on math tests, yet females report lower levels of mathematics self-concept (i.e., feeling capable in [...]

384 Food Order & Choice
Research by Flores, David, Reimann, M., Castano, R., & Lopez, Alberto (2019). Written by Shannon Cantalupo, B.S “What makes us decide to eat healthy or not?” Psychologist Martin Reiman, a marketing researcher, and colleagues examined the interaction between food type (healthy vs. indulgent) and food presentation order (first or last) on our food choice and [...]

383 Depression & Activity
Research by Cuijers, Pim., van Straten, A., & Warmerdam, Lisanne. (2007). Written by Shannon Cantalupo, B.S When depressed, we don’t feel like moving. But Activity Scheduling or being active is one behavioral treatment for depression. The steps are to make a list of one’s usual pleasurable and meaningful activities, engage in them daily, and assess [...]