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Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Welcome to the Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology graduate programs at Florida Institute of Technology! I/O psychology is the scientific study of the workplace. Methods of psychology are rigorously applied to issues of critical relevance to business including talent management, coaching, assessment, selection, training, organizational development, performance, and work-life balance. The I/O programs at Florida Tech offer a balanced scientist-practitioner curriculum, small class sizes, and close mentoring from faculty members. Our curriculum is based on the standards developed by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) to train scientists and practitioners. The goal of our program is to develop outstanding I/O psychologists who are able to apply their skills and knowledge to solve human problems in complex organizations. Through coursework, research, and applied opportunities, the program prepares students for careers in applied settings, academics, and research.

The Industrial Organizational (I/O) Psychology graduate programs at Florida Tech offer rigorous training and a culture that is conducive to professional growth and development. Our program is consistently highly ranked on a number of important criteria, including but not limited to 3rd overall best master's program, 2nd in faculty experience, Top Twenty for Applied Development Opportunities, and Top Ten for program culture. The I/O Psychology graduate programs at Florida Tech offer students an exceptional opportunity to participate in both research and applied activities. The I/O graduate programs at Florida Tech follow the scientist-practitioner model of graduate training, emphasizing the development of research skills, knowledge of I/O theory and techniques, and applied experiences. Through extensive course work, students receive great breadth in training, focusing on industrial psychology, organizational psychology, and measurement/statistics. The goal of these programs is to train well-rounded I/O psychologists who have flexibility in their career paths and the skills to make a significant difference in society.

Programs Offered 

We offer both a master's of science (MS) and a doctoral (PhD) degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. The goal of the MS program is to offer a two-year terminal degree that prepares professionals to work within the broad I/O and human resource function in organizations. The MS program features a blend of rigorous coursework in the broad content areas of I/O, as well as opportunities to work on applied projects through coursework and through our Centers and Institutes.

Florida Tech's doctoral degree in I/O Psychology provides training and research opportunities in the complex issues associated with the management of human capital and the operation of organizations. The PhD program is research-oriented, and a number of research and quantitative methods courses are required. Each I/O faculty member supervises an active and productive research team, and students are encouraged to join a research team that aligns with their interests. Beyond coursework and research, our program offers a number of opportunities for students to get involved and gain experience through our Center for Organizational Effectiveness, our Institute for Culture, Collaboration, and Management (ICCM), our student chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and our student-run mentor program.

Our program is a leader in international I/O psychology education, and our students come from around the globe.

Consultants and researchers now operate in a global environment on global problems. Our program's international focus is designed to ensure that our students are well-equipped for those challenges and prepared to thrive in international settings. Florida Tech I/O offers a blend of theory, research, and experiential learning rich in cross-cultural interactions and processes.

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