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Choose the degree that best fits your dreams

What drives people to get a degree in psychology? Usually it is their desire to understand what makes people “tick” and to make a positive difference in the world. At Florida Tech’s School of Psychology, students start having that impact even while pursuing their studies. Through class discussions of case studies, involvement in research studies on perplexing human behavior, or applied work at the numerous internship sites in the area, students are gaining the knowledge and skills needed to understand and work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds. And students are learning form faculty who themselves are making a difference in the world, be it through their meaningful research, professional services, or community activities. Faculty members model and involve students in this work and serve as supportive and challenging mentors in the students’ growth. A degree in psychology provides you with both the knowledge and the analytic and interpersonal skills needed to understand and interact.

Bachelor's in Psychology, B.S. or B.A.- What's the difference?

Two distinct degree programs are offered in Psychology, the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Psychology degree and the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Psychology degree, to allow students to tailor their education to their area of interest and future plans. The Bachelor of Science degree is designed for students whose interests are oriented toward the natural sciences and mathematics. Students gain a foundation in the sciences with courses such as human cognition, adult development and aging, scientific and technical communication and psychology research methods.


Bachelor's in Forensic Psychology

The B.A. degree in forensic psychology will provide a knowledge base in the law and legal psychology, clinical practice in a forensic arena, criminal justice procedures, in addition to a foundation in social and experimental science based psychology courses. Learn more about forensic psychology.

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