What ROTC Is Like At Florida Tech

We are often asked what it's like being part of ROTC at Florida Tech. Fact is, it's very similar to being an everyday Florida Tech student, but with the bonus of participating in an exciting leadership and development program alongside likeminded future leaders!


Classes at Florida Tech begin relatively small and become more intimate as students progress in their studies. This helps ROTC students get to know and support each other throughout the program, to engage in meaningful discussions with professors and to succeed in their coursework.  As students progress through the program, more emphasis is placed on student-led projects with faculty in a supporting role, preparing students for real-world leadership challenges through hands-on training.


The Army ROTC program at Florida Tech is a general military science curriculum that stresses leadership development, training management, ethics, and small unit tactics . Emphasis is placed on the development of leadership traits and skills that are essential to the student’s success in the Army, or as a civilian in his or her chosen profession.  The classroom portion of the ROTC curriculum is an academically rigorous, student-centric course of instruction.  Students will apply the lessons learned in the classroom in leadership labs, field training exercises, and various student led projects that will test their leadership and management abilities.  Check out the Florida Tech catalog for details about the Military Science program and curriculum.

Student Life

While being part of the ROTC program at Florida Tech comes with certain expectations and added responsibilities, students also enjoy the freedom of enjoying life as a college student. ROTC students are free to participate in any of the more than 100 student organizations, varsity and intramural sports, or professional associations and honor societies they like. ROTC students may also take full advantage of living and learning in sunny Melbourne, Florida, which is minutes from the beach and not far from Kennedy Space Center or Orlando-area attractions.


In addition to classroom training, students will participate in morning physical fitness training a minimum of three times a week.  Leadership labs are conducted once a week, and are typically done outdoors in a field environment.  Students can expect to participate in at least two full weekend field training exercises per semester, with various Saturday training opportunities for rifle ranges, obstacles courses, and land navigation training. The training opportunities afforded by ROTC at Florida Tech provide students with a world class leadership experience that is second to none. Learn more about Basic Camp and other Training Opportunities.


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