Student Holding Florida Tech Flag on College Colors Day

Intramural Sports

At Florida Tech, the student body is continuously active in intramural competition. Intramural sports are open to all students regardless of skill level. This participation provides the physical benefits of exercise and develops the social values of companionship and sportsmanship. Team and individual activities enrich the lives of all participants through their college days and for years to come. 


IMLeagues is where students can find all information about intramural sports including registration for all intramural events.


Students playing in an intramural basketball game. One student attempts a layup as others defend.

Students from the champion intramural soccer team smiling and posing in front of a goal.

Students attempt to grab the ball carriers flag during an intramural flag football game

Students from the champion intramural basketball team smiling and holding shirts that read

A student official smiling and giving a thumbs up at an intramural sports competition.

Two student officials smiling and giving thumbs up during an intramural sports competition.

Intramural Student Officials

Students are the officials! Apply online through Workday.

Apply to become an official through Workday.

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