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Student Counseling Center

College can be a complex time for students, characterized by growth and change.  While there are many benefits of advanced education, it also brings with it many challenges that can feel overwhelming.  The Student Counseling Center can help students learn how to work through life's challenges, heal emotional pain, and develop the necessary skills to lead healthy and balanced lives through the following support:

  • Counseling Services (Individual and Group)
  • Crisis Intervention and Management
  • Outreach and Consultation
  • Education and Training
  • Self-Help Resources and Referral Services

In an effort to keep the health and safety of our entire campus community a top priority, at this time, we are providing mental health services with increased health and safety precautions using a combination of in-person and teletherapy modalities. 

To request counseling services, please click here:  Request Services

For information about various crisis resources, please click here: Crisis Resources.

Confidentiality is oftentimes a concern of someone who is considering counseling. Students who obtain services at the counseling center can be assured their confidentiality will be respected, as the center's staff is committed to the laws and ethics of professional practice. Any limitations of confidentiality will be discussed at the beginning of services and reviewed, as needed. Records maintained within the center do not become a part of the student's academic record, and no information will be released without the student's written permission, unless required by law. This level of confidentiality helps to provide an environment where students can feel safe to work through their personal challenges. 

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