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Virtual Commencement

May 8, 2020

Honoring Florida Tech's Spring 2020 Graduates at a Distance

The first ever Florida Tech virtual commencement has concluded, but is available to watch any time.

Watch Spring 2020 Virtual Commencement on YouTube

A downloadable video will be made available soon. We hope you enjoy!

Video Guide

Elapsed time

On-screen content
00:00:00 Pre-event Slideshow
00:10:00 “Congratulations, Panthers!” Video
00:12:00 Virtual Commencement Intro and “Star Spangled Banner”
00:14:00 Opening Remarks – President Dwayne McCay, Ph.D.
00:18:30 Commencement Speech – Senior Vice President Bino Campanini ’90, ‘92
00:23:00 Presentation of Spring 2020 Graduates – President Dwayne McCay, Ph.D.
00:25:00 Doctoral (All)
00:29:00 Master’s A-E
00:43:59 Master’s F-J
00:51:16 Master’s K-0
01:02:16 Master’s P-T
01:14:51 Master’s U-Z
01:19:12 Bachelor’s/Associate A-E
01:38:19 Bachelor’s/Associate F-J
01:50:48 Bachelor's/Associate K-O
02:06:19 Bachelor's/Associate P-T
02:19:34 Bachelor's/Associate U-Z
02:26:49 Closing Remarks – President Dwayne McCay, Ph.D.
02:27:33 “Florida Tech All Hail!” – Alma Mater Sing-A-Long
02:29:20 Credits

A Note to Viewers

If you have kept up with this website and participated in the process, you may have a good sense of what to expect. If not, here are some things you should know:

  • A typical in-person commencement ceremony only includes the graduates who indicate that they intend to participate in the event (usually 800-900). This commencement is inclusive of the entire Spring 2020 class of more than 1,200 graduates.
  • Graduate photos and name pronunciation guidance was solicited from all graduates. Nearly 600 photos were submitted by graduates (or their parents).
  • If a graduate did not submit a photo, a photo does not appear.
  • If a graduate did not submit name pronunciation instructions, or guidance was unclear, the university’s volunteer graduate announcers did their absolute most educated, vigilant and caring best to pronounce names correctly. The virtual commencement team offers its most sincere apologies in advance for any inadvertent mispronunciations.

Virtual Commencement Details

Florida Tech graduation cap decorated with the quote, When Were Photos Due?

The deadline for photo submissions was Friday, May 1 at noon.

Am I in it?

If you're graduating, then yes! (Unless you asked not to be.) The official list of graduates’ names, degree information and associated honors used for this virtual commencement includes students who had petitioned and were approved for graduation by April 8, 2020. The official list used for virtual commencement was provided by the Office of the Registrar.

Can I still walk in a future in-person ceremony?

Yes! The graduation team (Registrar's Office) will be in touch with Spring 2020 candidates regarding options to participate in future ceremonies. Virtual commencement will not prevent students from walking in the future.

Share the Moment: Social Media Graphics

Whether you're a graduating student or the proud supporter of a soon-to-be Florida Tech alumnus, share your Panther pride with the world! Designed for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, a variety of fun, celebratory images like this one are available for download from our social media gallery. Enjoy!

Graphic celebrating the class of 2020Florida Tech graduation graphic featuring mascot Pete the PantherFlorida Tech graduating graphic with panther statue and Proud BFF text

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