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Course Sequence (4th Edition)

New Requirements for BCaBA#® and BCBA#® Credentials Go Into Effect on January 1, 2022.

Students are no longer able to take 4th Edition courses.

 These courses are no longer offered. See the 5th Edition program.

December 17 is the deadline to order an official 4th edition coursework transcript to be sent to the BACB before the winter break. All orders received after that date will be processed in January 2022. Order 4th edition transcripts here, using established login.

Please monitor the BACB Customer Service Updates page for information about application processing times.


Foundations, Concepts & Principles of Behavior Analysis





Basic Elements of Applied Behavior Analysis 





Developing, Strengthening & Maintaining Behavior






Introduction to Ethical and Professional Conduct of Behavior Analysts






Decreasing, Eliminating and Replacing Problem Behavior






Targeted Topics in Behavior Analysis






Ethical and Professional Conduct of Behavior Analysts






Advanced Topics in Behavior Analysis





Florida Tech’s ABA Online professional development certificate programs are not online master’s degree programs. Taking courses in our ABA Online ABAI-verified course sequence does not guarantee that you will be offered admission to the graduate program.

The BEHP and BEH courses are identical (e.g., BEHP5011 = BEH5011). Thus, students may obtain course credit hours from our BACB-verifed course sequence either as (1) professional development nontransferable credit hours, or (2) transferrable graduate credit hours. All students in any one of our online courses, whether registered in that course under a BEHP- or a BEH- designation, are enrolled in the same course sections, complete the same work, and are graded exactly the same as all other students in that course, whether or not they are earning transferrable graduate credit. Moreover, course instructors and co-instructors cannot readily determine which students are registered under the BEHP- versus the BEH- course designation. The primary distinction between these two groups of students is that those who register for a BEHP- course are not required to apply for admission to our graduate school, while those who register for the same course, but under the BEH- designation, must apply for admission and be admitted to our graduate program.

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