Res Quad Panorama

Closer Look Videos

Each of the below videos kicks off a unique playlist or video. Find one you like? Keep watching!

My Pursuit

Featuring staff, students and faculty who are doing awesome things at Florida Tech, the My Pursuit video series highlights exciting projects, events, research, developments and accomplishments on campus. Learn about some of the great work being done here, and join us in celebrating each individual’s contributions to expanding and strengthening the Panther community.

Drone Tour

Take in those beautiful campus views from above in our Florida Tech Drone Tour. Like what you see? Schedule a visit to see it in person!

The College Tour

The College Tour’s Florida Tech episode features authentic stories from 10 Florida Tech students: Alyssa Carson, Maria Sagastume, Giulio Cristello, Gennaro Zappariello, Tanner Crampton, Tij Vishwakarma, Delaney Lisco, Emily Almodovar Warner, Greg Dunn and Loghan Ashline.

Guided by host Alex Boylan, the 30-minute episode tells the story of what life is truly like on and around Florida Tech’s Melbourne campus, from academics to the campus community to athletics. There’s even a trip to the beach, our flight line, and Larsen Motorsports—home of the Florida Tech jet dragster!

The Relentless

Members of the Florida Tech community pursue their dreams with relentless determination. Here are a few student and alumni stories sure to inspire you.

Florida Tech 360°

We just started these with the goal of making one for, well, everything on campus. Something you want to see? We take requests

Video Tour And More

Our Panther Pride student ambassadors made a video walkthrough tour of campus just for you. After that, you'll find some of Florida Tech's most watched content.

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