The Return On Your Investment

From deciding where to apply to scheduling campus visits to budgeting how to pay for it all, there are a lot of steps in the college decision process—some of them confusing, most of them exciting and—at Florida Tech, at least—all of them worth it.

A solid education is an invaluable investment—in yourself, your family, your future. Essentially, it all comes down to one question.

Is it worth it?

“The students are a little bit different here than both high school and at other colleges. They seemed more focused; they were right into their field of study; and it’s almost like they were already launching into adulthood. So, we feel it is. The value for the dollar is, my daughter will greatly exceed what we put into the school.”

—Jim B., father of Molly B., aeronautical science

Hear what real Panther parents have to say about the value of Florida Tech education:


The Outcomes Speak for Themselves

There’s a reason that PayScale has named Florida Tech a “Best Value College” and ranks us in the top 6% of more than 2,000 colleges and universities for return on investment.

According to a survey of recent graduates, 91% are either employed (56%), enrolled in graduate school (33%) or serving in the military (2%) within six months of graduation. Many of the respondents who are working tell us their starting salaries are in the $50,000 to $60,000 range.

Our more than 65,000 alumni have gone on to become astronauts, scientists, engineers, athletes, educators, clinical researchers and business and technology leaders at the tops of their fields. And to us, becoming a contributing member of society is a pretty good indicator of success. So, we’re not shy about touting the achievements of our young alumni and Panthers on the rise.

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