Endowment and Vision

With the help of our present community, alumni and benefactors, Florida Tech Catholic Campus Ministry is committed to:

  • increasing outreach to the hundreds of students who are unchurched or not practicing their Catholic faith, by bringing about a peer ministry program and developing our Small Church Community network.

  • keeping our distinction as the FIRST non-sectarian university with an endowed Roman Catholic chaplain.

We are supported by the generosity of alumni, parents of students, and friends from the Melbourne community and around the world. As a religious group we are not funded by the University and depend entirely on your generosity.

For that reason, we continue to grow the Father Douglas F. Bailey, S.D.S., Endowment to Support Catholic Campus Ministry with the hope that through your generosity it will one day be able to fully fund our Roman Catholic Chaplain and Catholic Ministry long into the future!


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